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High Power 3000mw 520nm Green Laser Pointers Wholesale

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3000mw Laser Pointer Introduction

Here comes the 3000mW 520nm Military Laser Pointer. This Green Laser Pointer is the most popular 3W laser among outdoor enthusiasts since its IP68 standard (can still work normally under 3m deep water ). Housed in a beautifully styled aircraft grade alloy, has to be seen to be believed. Benefit from its 3W output power, it can pop balloons and light matches instantly. You can also use it to melt plastics. By the way, this 3000mw green laser pointer is perfect for astronomy! Get one now!


High Power green laser


Laser pointer 3000mw Specifications

Laser Color Green
Laser Wavelength 520nm
Laser Output power 3000mw(3W)
Light Style Beam Light
Power Supply 1 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
Beam Distance 5000~8000m
Switch Push Button Operating
Class Class 4
Operation Voltage 3.7V
Body Material Aerospace Aluminum
Product Weight 120g
Operating Temperature  -10 ~ +40 ℃ (14-104℉)
Storage Temperature  -10 ~ +45 ℃ (14-113℉)
Body Color Black
Warranty Time 12 Months

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3000mw Laser

Laser geen High Power

green Laser Pointer 3000mw

3000mw Laser Pointer green

3000mw green Laser Pointer

3000mw Laser Pointer

green 3000mw astronomy laser pointer

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3000mW Waterproof Laser Pointer Application

●Amateur astronomers:
Used for astronomical refers to the star,  3000mw green laser is very suitable for used in the observation of stars at night, can accurately indicate the position of the stars.

●Tour guide :

It is an excellent tool for tour guide. Even under daylight, there is still a visable beam emitted by it.
●Mining field / construction personnel:
Used for long-distance instructions. Avoid danger zone.

●Travelers / climbers:
For outdoor adventures. Measure distance, sent out distress signals, enable your travel be more happy and safe.


Green 3000mw Laser Pointer Notes

▲Never aim a laser pointer at surfaces that would reflect the light back, like mirrors or mirrored surfaces.
▲When using a burning laser pointer , never point it at people and animal.
▲Do not let other people use your laser pointer unless they are fully aware of the dangers of laser pointers.