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Locations We Ship To:

How to order:
Select the Product You Need
View the product page and choose the product you want to purchase. Click the button "Add to Cart". Enter a Valid Shipping Address and Checkout
A list of your shopping results will appear on our page after press "add to cart" button. Fill in the blank and provide a valid address you want the product to be delivered. We will ship out the product by USPS/DHL/FEDEX. Click "Checkout".
Select a Payment Method Laser To support the following ways to pay for your order.
Review and Complete the Order
Carefully check the accuracy of all information you provided. You must make sure all you have submitted is correct and then click "submit the order" We will then ship out your order within 1 to 3 days after order confirmation.

How long it will take for shipment?
Delivery time will be varying according to your country and region. It usually takes roughly 5-10 days for delivery.

Is It Safe To Enter Personal Information to Verify Credit Card?
In order to make an order, you will need to enter your personal information to verify credit card. It is very safe to do it. The website where you enter your personal information belongs to your bank or Credit Card Company. They are the only people who will see your information. Nobody at Laser To or any other website will see or have access to your personal information.

How to trace my package status information?

You are encouraged to use the specific tracking link below according to your shipping method to trace your package status before contacting HTPOW.

17track has supported the most member countries and territories of UPU (Universal Postal Union).