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10mw Green Laser Pointer 532nm Easily to Use Lowest Price


Product Description:

Utilization of the latest crystal technology and optics creates this high quality; pen-sized laser pointer . This 10mw Laser emits an intense, brilliant Laser Pointer beam and has a range up to 500~1000 meters.Uniquely designed by finished 532nm green laser diode, this small green laser pointer allows the most stable light pointing at lower or higher temperature reliably. It makes great revolutionary in inner designs, which allows great performance in various projection fields.

Use your 10mw Laser Pointer to aim at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, presentation graphics and any opaque as far as several hundred meters.

Green Laser Pointer 10mw

Model: KGL-101
Material: Copper
Exterior surface treatment: rubber paint, feel good
Switch mode: touch
Battery: 2 * AAA
Wavelength: 532nm
Power: 10mW
Range: 5000 meters (the higher the power, the greater the range)
Operating voltage: DC3V
Optimum operating temperature: 0-35 degrees
Size: 13mm * 147mm
Weight: 36g (without battery)
Fixed focus, point-like spot continuous output.


Laser Pointer Green 10mw


Green 10mw Laser Pointer

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