Class 3B / Class IIIB Lasers


Class 3B visible-beam lasers are medium powered, from 5 to 499 milliwatts. A Class 3B laser can cause eye injury. The more powerful the laser, the greater the chance of injury. Always be aware of the beam location. Keep it away from people's eyes and heads. Watch out for reflected beams from glass and shiny surfaces. When outdoors, you must avoid aiming at or near aircraft. The class iiib laser pointers flashlight could burn paper, match, cigarette and blasting balloon, and some laser pens are widely used in classroom teaching, product demonstration, conference explanation, museum explanation and so on, which is very convenient to take wherever you go. A class 3B laser is hazardous if the eye is exposed directly, but diffuse reflections such as those from paper or other matte surfaces are not harmful, please do not direct to point somebody's eyes, and keep it away from children, so as to avoid injury accident.