Green Laser Gloves Beam 4 fingers 532nm Stage DJ Laser Show Gloves Show Visible Beam

Price:$110.63 $249.99



The pirce is just for one piece(right hand) of gloves, if you need a pair, please order two pieces.

DJ Laser Gloves is widely used at indoor and outdoor activities, such as Disco, Ballroom, KTV, Bar, Stage, Club, Party, Home etc. It's really a perfect gloves with this price!!  Christmas Night Club Stage Dj Superbright Laser Glove 4,Gloves reasonable design, easy to use, the laser using copper fittings, high brightness, good performance. Simple operation,Brilliant light and colour, Penetrating strong and durable. Portable design easy for carry. High Power Beam Laser projector in Laser gloves,Light weight,Powerful beam laser,With 2 buttons, LED button and Laser button. can be controlled seperately.


Green Laser Gloves Beam 4 fingers Specifications:

Wave length:532nm green
Glove colour:Black
Laser colour:Green
Power:18650 Lithium Battery
Swith:Momentary on/off Button
 Laser glove
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LED Laser glove
High Power Laser gloves
Laser gloves green
Green Laser Gloves 4 laser
Green Laser Glove
HTPOW Green Laser Glove Beam
1X 532nm Green Laser Gloves
1X 18650 Rechargeable Battery
1X Charger