Pocket Laser Pointers


Pocket Lasers are handheld laser pointers that have small size. It's cute and easy to take. - put it at your pocket. But never looking down on this type of laser, it can be strong as the normal size handheld laser as long as a powerful laser diode built in. However, no matter how powerful a laser is, never look directly at the beam.

Powerful Pocket Laser Pointer Features

● Tiny size, cute and easy to take.
● Point at any targets you desired.
● Widely applications: low power pocket lasers can be served as pet laser pointer or tools for lecture and meeting; powerful pocket laser can be used as burning laser pointer or astronomy laser when at outdoor activities.
● Htpow lasers are made of aerometal or copper, which is durable and hard.
● Each lasers at htpow have one year warranty time.