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Top Three Best Laser Pointers Review, Which one do You Choose?

Top Three Best Laser Pointers Review, Which one do You Choose?

High power laser pointer First of all, the first one worth mentioning is a super-powered blue laser pointer that can be used to ignite matches, detonate balloons, and even repel birds. It is equipped with five laser heads that can illuminate a superb beam. It is the best-selling laser pointer in our store. Green laser pointer The green light pen ...


Latest Review

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I happened to see this new stage light, and I bought this red stage laser light, it looks tiny, the

High Power Laser Pointer 30000mw 445nm Brightest B


Does everything you would think burning anything too fast. Don't need to hold it on something but a

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I purchased a comprehensive laser. Excellent and easy site to navigate. Excellent support because th

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The burning bule beam laser pointer is powerful enough to light matches, burst balloons and burn thr

303 300mW Green Laser Pointer 532nm Visible Beam L


Seller shipped unit in a timely manner. Ordered this to play with cats. Works just fine, nice and br

Application of Laser Pointer:
• Star gaze. A laser pointer, especially a green laser pointer is ideal for pointing out celestial objects, and also works for aligning telescopes and for astrophotography.
• Tease your cat or dog. A cat (or dog) will chase a dot around the floor for hours on end. This toy will even give your pet a feeling of satisfaction after the "hunt" even though your pet cannot catch the dot.
• Use your laser pointer as a presenter. Use it to direct a groups' attention to a specific piece of information and ensure that your message reaches them correctly.
• Play laser tag. (This requires specialized, sturdy electronics, and usually requires computing power and unique software for scoring. There are many softwares for you to use even if you have limited programming skills.)
• Try laser dancing. Point the laser pointer at a crystal, which will produce countless amazing laser beams for dancing in. This is fun, but be careful.

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