Can you be attracted to a high-powered laser pointer?
Almost parallel laser beam source. High concentrations allow high levels of radiation that can damage the retina of the eye. "The green laser pointer beam falls on the retina, and it may appear in simple cases where there is no structural damage to the sensory cells, and a few minutes later, glare appears again," describes the initial symptoms, sai ...
Where the laser pointer was purchased
p>This depends on many factors, including your laser application. All colors and wattage are ideal for astronomy or stargazing as well as many other uses. So, when determining what colors and features you're looking for, you'll look at design features. You should consider the safety features of button switches, adjustable focal length, lens caps an ...
What is the difference between laser Pointers and other light sources?
Laser monochromatic high, because the green laser pointer output light intensity, wavelength distribution range is very narrow, so the color is very pure. High laser coherence and good space-time coherence. The laser establishes good optical rotation, and the rotation of polarization plane can be called optical property, which increases the energy ...
Laser Pointers for Christmas -- the perfect gift
As Christmas approaches, people around the world are rejoicing and planning to enjoy their holidays by incorporating their cultural traditions into these celebrations. From decorating our homes to eating delicious food, this is the time of year for happiness and joy. Christmas traditions vary widely around the world, from Christmas markets in Italy ...
10mW 532nm 2in1 Green Laser Pointer Light Pen
The beam is very good visible at night and also in lit areas. Very good and powerful laser.
10mW 405nm Purple Dot Laser Pointer Pen
No so bright as expected, looking good only in the evening, green laser with same power much more br
1000mw Green Laser Pointer Powerful Enough Burning
My laser arrived in time for my project research. Solid well-made construction! Focused and tight li

Application of Laser Pointer:
• Star gaze. A laser pointer, especially a green laser pointer is ideal for pointing out celestial objects, and also works for aligning telescopes and for astrophotography.
• Tease your cat or dog. A cat (or dog) will chase a dot around the floor for hours on end. This toy will even give your pet a feeling of satisfaction after the "hunt" even though your pet cannot catch the dot.
• Use your laser pointer as a presenter. Use it to direct a groups' attention to a specific piece of information and ensure that your message reaches them correctly.
• Play laser tag. (This requires specialized, sturdy electronics, and usually requires computing power and unique software for scoring. There are many softwares for you to use even if you have limited programming skills.)
• Try laser dancing. Point the laser pointer at a crystal, which will produce countless amazing laser beams for dancing in. This is fun, but be careful.

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