Yellow Laser Pointer 50mw Laser Pen Best Selling Plug


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Product Description:


The diode-pumped 589nm Yellow laser Pointer are based on our proprietary laser cavity technology. This new technology allows our yellow lasers to operate in TEM00 mode with extremely low power consumption in compact laser housing.

589nm laser has great application on optical spectrography, laser allocation & guidance, astronomical observation and so on. Astronomical observatories use this wavelength in higher power to illuminate sodium particles in the upper atmosphere while they calibrate the orientation of their telescopes and optical devices.589nm 'sodium' wavelength appears more gold in color compared to the more amber appearance of the 593.5nm wavelength. This yellow laser pointer is closer to the middle of the spectrum, making it brighter to the human eye. It will be your best yellow laser you ever had.


Yellow Laser Pointer Features:

Laser Color:Yellow
Laser Wavelength:589nm
Laser Output Power:50mW
Laser Class:Class IIIb
Operate Mode:CW, TEM00
Residual IR:<0.1%
Power Supply:1 × 18650 Li-ion Battery
Switch:Constant on/off Button
Beam Divergence:<1.5mrad
Beam Diameter:1.5mm @ aperture
Laser Body:Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Expected Lifetime:5000 hours
Working Temperature:15°C ~ 30°C
Storage Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C
Dimension:Dia. 38 × 220mm


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Yellow laser pointer notes:
▲Do not keep the pointer continually on too long; preferably release the button in 30 seconds.
▲ Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use.
▲ Never point at people and always avoid direct eye contact( especially a burning laser pointer )!

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