Multifunction Laser Pointers

Throughout the years, htpow has been a bellwether at laser pointer market, many lasers with new style and functions has been created. One of these famous products are multifunction lasers.

Types of Multifunction Laser Pointer

There are two main branches: multi colors in one, multi light style in one and other multifunction lasers.

MultiColor Laser Pointer

As the name suggests, this kind of laser has two or more wavelengths at one laser. As we all know, laser beam color depends on the wavelength, that is there are two or more different beam colors at one body. The common multicolor laser pointers are 2 in 1 laser pointers . Such lasers come with two beam colors ( the most popular multi colored laser pointer is 532nm green laser and 650nm red laser in one).

Multi Light Style

You may see a fancy lights at a party, this wonderful lights are generated by stage laser lights, this kind of device always have a big size which is not so convenient.  So, Htpow created a new style laser pointer called "  Starry Laser Pointer ". These lasers come with one or more accessories called "laser head" ( someone call it  "laser lens" or " laser cap" ). You can install it at your laser and change the pattern of the light by rotating the laser cap. This kind of laser is an amazing tool for parties. 5 in 1 lasers and 13 in 1 laser pointers are very popular.

Other Multifunction Laser Pointer

In order to make laser pointers more practical at your life. Htpow brought some other multifunction lasers such as camping laser pointers ( LED flashlight + laser pointer), portable power laser ( portable power + laser pointer), remote laser pointer, multi mode laser pointer, lightsaber and so on. Each lasers come with a really nice price, come and order now!