HTPOW offer you all kinds of laser pointers ( green laser pointer , blue laser pointer , red laser pointer ) with different of classes.

1.Classe 1: This kind of laser output power can not cause eye damage.
2.Classe 2: The output power is less than 1 mW. If exposed, natural reflex to blink and turn his head enough to protect from the risk of injury.
3.Classe 3A: The output power is less than 5 mW, which limits the power reaching the retina to 1 mW when the pupil is dilated at maximum (estimated opening 7 mm).Therefore, the accidental exposure to a laser class 3A should not be more dangerous than exposure to a class 2 laser.
4.Classe 3B: The output power is less than 500 mW, sufficient to cause eye injuries that are described from a capacity of 150 MW
5.Classe 4: The output power exceeds 500 mW. These High Powered Laser Pointer can cause eye and skin damage and even cause inflammation of the objects on which they are directed.

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