2018 Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, htpow lasers store held a grand promotional activities, total orders over $100, using the coupon code htpow2018 to get 10% off.


2018 Happy New Year

In order to celebrate the new year, HTPOW opened major laser pointers promotions, the audience 10% off discount.


HTPOW 2017 Christmas Promotion

Merry Christmas! HTPOW host a lasers party, enjoy laser, enjoy Christmas! DETAILS

HTPOW 2017 Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday, global carnival, SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!


HTPOW 2017 High Power Lasers Promotion

New Month, New Start! HTPOW provides a large number of high-quality products for the majority of users, and the price is reasonable, all products are free shipping, 30-days to return, 1 year warranty period.