Laser by Wavelength

650nm Lasers ・ 532 nm Green Laser ・ 635nm Lasers ・ 655nm Lasers ・ 670nm Lasers・ 405nm Lasers ・ 450nm Lasers ・ 650nm Lasers ・ 445nm Lasers,the wavelength (532 nm) is near peak sensitivity of the dark-adapted eye and may appear to be 35 times brighter than a red laser of identical power output. Green wavelength divided into 532 nm,520 nm and 550nm. Due to the shorter wavelength green, imaging in front of retina, make eye to relax, the ciliary muscle to rest, relieve eye fatigue, often see green laser pointer is beneficial to vision health.650nm Laser pointers use a deep red laser diode near the 650 nm(nanometers) wavelength. 405nm Laser close to ultraviolet, bordering on the very extreme of human vision, and can cause bright blue fluorescence, and thus a blue rather than violet spot. Blue laser pen can also be fabricated directly with InGaN semiconductors, which produce blue light without frequency-doubling.

Genarally speaking, the Green laser pointer is 532nm, the yellow laser pointer is 589nm, the red laser pointer is 650nm, the blue laser pointer is 450nm, the violet laser pointer is 405nm.