With the rapid development and continuous improvement of electronic technology, rechargeable laser pointer products have penetrated into all aspects of people's daily life. In education or training or conferences, laser pointers are widely used because of their excellent remote indication function and lightness and compactness. Laser pointers are also called pointing pens or electronic pens. The low-power vision of the rechargeable laser pointer allows users to take advantage of body language in teaching and presentations. The rechargeable laser pointer makes teaching speech more vivid and perfect. In addition to solving the inconvenience of using a mouse in classrooms and meetings in the past, the green laser pointer also has the advantage of helping astronomers to identify stars.
Generally, laser pointers are equipped with batteries, but the batteries used in laser pointers in the current prior art cannot be charged. When the laser pointer batteries are dead, they must be replaced. However, it is not easy to buy batteries that match laser pointers on the market, so The user usually discards the laser pointer when the original battery of the Burning Laser Pointers is exhausted, which causes inconvenience to the user and also reduces the life of the laser pointer.
The generation of the rechargeable high powered laser pointers solves the problem of frequent replacement of the laser pointer due to insufficient power supply. The rechargeable laser pen has a rechargeable battery, which is convenient for charging in the case of insufficient power supply of the laser pointer, and extends the life of the laser pointer. easy to carry.