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Q&A Laser Pointer List

Laser pointer is the main symbol of the development of science and technology in the 20th century and one of the pillars of optoelectronic technology in modern information society. From laser applications in aerospace to laser pen processing products that are ubiquitous, we all enjoy the little changes that laser science and technology bring to our lives.

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Q&A Laser Pointer List
Can The Laser Pointer be Accurately Detected?

The laser has a lower threshold power density within 3 microns. The laser pointer has a lower threshold power density. QCL has a higher threshold power density. Innovative application of laser pointer: the use of mid-infrared laser as the emission source has many advantages. First, the strongest absorption line of a large amount of trace gas is selected as the detection object, which helps to improve the detection speed and detection limit, and can reduce the entire system Noise, and by reducing the optical path, the device is portable and miniaturized. For example, lasers are used for telemetry of vehicle exhaust. Through the horizontal fixed or vertical fixed full laser motor vehicle exhaust remote sensing monitoring system.

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The Main Manufacturer of The Detector Laser Pointer?

The future development of lasers. At present, the laser pointer has basically covered the wavelength range from 760nm to 20μm, which can realize the detection of most gases. Especially the mid-infrared highly sensitive gas detection. However, the cost of lasers is still relatively high, which restricts the widespread application of laser absorption spectroscopy. In the future, with the continuous breakthroughs in laser technology and the maturity of process technology, after mass production of lasers, the cost will be greatly reduced, and miniaturized, highly integrated, low-cost lasers and gas sensors will become an inevitable trend. With the advent of the Internet of Things, applications based on laser absorption spectroscopy will be widely promoted, except for industry and environmental protection. It will also enter the consumer field and enter thousands of households to become household and personal consumer goods. laser pointer absorption spectroscopy technology will move from analytical instruments and meters to sensors, and its scale should be greatly improved.

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Ultra-high Sensitivity Gas Sensor Laser Pointer Application?

The inter-band cascade laser pointer won the Prism Photonics Innovation Award selected by the International Society of Optical Engineering and jointly evaluated in 2012. The award ceremony was held in San Francisco at the end of January 2012. In recognition of the launch of the innovative product laser pointer, the wavelength covers the entire wavelength range from 3000nm to 6000nm. The main characteristics of the laser: At present, the parameter characteristics of the ICL laser are very similar to the parameters of the near-infrared DFB laser, with lower threshold current, normal temperature operating temperature, higher output power, and lower heat dissipation. The following figure shows the typical characteristic parameters of the device in the 46xx nm and 52xx nm wavelength ranges. It can be seen that the ICL laser has a typical output power of 5mW at an operating temperature of 20°C, which is very similar to the ordinary near-infrared DFB. Parameter characteristics, and the circuit power consumption threshold is only 150mW, with very low power consumption.

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High-performance Laser Innovation Opens Up The Infrared Field?

Inter-band cascade lasers, referred to as laser pointers for short, are following near infrared lasers. An important innovative product after the mid-infrared laser, especially in the 3~6μm wavelength field, fills the deficiencies of the DFB laser and QCL. At present, the only manufacturer that can provide an inter-band cascaded ICL laser with any center wavelength between 3000nm and 6000nm. In this wavelength range, most gases have their strongest absorption lines, and the absorption intensity is several orders of magnitude higher than other infrared regions, such as CH4, HCl, CH2O, HBr, CO, CO2, NO, and H2O. ICL lasers have opened up TDLAS ultra-high sensitivity gas sensing applications in the mid-infrared field with innovation. In 1994, the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory first proposed the concept of a second type inter-band cascade laser pointer. The fractured lattice has a large conduction band discontinuity, which can provide very good free carrier confinement, and the lattice constants of GaSb, InAs, and AlSb are very close, which is conducive to growing high-quality materials, so it is very suitable Do the second type of material.

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Advantages And Applications of Laser Plasma Composite Welding?

In recent years, due to the need for laser pointer environmental protection and energy saving. To save the driving energy of the car body. Automobile lightweight has become the trend of the world's automobile development. In order to reduce their own weight, civilian cars and high-speed rail car bodies use a large number of aluminum alloy profiles and plates, and one of the commonly used connection methods for such materials is laser welding. Laser plasma coaxial composite welding technology is a new laser pointer method that combines two high-energy beam welding methods of laser and plasma arc to form a new type of high-energy density heat source and perform welding of various metal materials. This technology has the advantages of laser and plasma welding alone, while overcoming the shortcomings of single laser welding, such as high residual stress and many weld pore defects, it also overcomes the weaknesses of low plasma arc welding efficiency and large thermal deformation of the workpiece .

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