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Q&A Laser Pointer List

Laser pointer is the main symbol of the development of science and technology in the 20th century and one of the pillars of optoelectronic technology in modern information society. From laser applications in aerospace to laser pen processing products that are ubiquitous, we all enjoy the little changes that laser science and technology bring to our lives.

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Q&A Laser Pointer List
Laser Surface Texturing Or Marking Of Glass

Unexpectedly. The laser pointer parameters, which are almost the same as those used for copper materials, can also be used for marking the upper and lower surfaces of uncoated borosilicate glass. This further supports the hypothesis that non-linear absorption is due to the influence of high-peak-power fiber lasers. Checking the scribe area, you can see that the "cracking" condition is very limited, with cracks <10μm and surface roughness <5μmRa. The underlined and non-cracked condition is shown under low magnification. The most interesting result of this process. Among them, the reflectivity of the glass surface can be tightly controlled by changing the scanning parameters.

2020-03-31 03:47:04

Laser Surface Texturing Of Copper Metal

Laser pointer polishing of copper metal for contrast is a relatively well-known method. but. Because of the inherent high reflectivity of this metal. Obtaining dark marks is usually more difficult. IPG Photonics' Silicon Valley Technology Center (SVTC) has developed this type of technology to produce a dark surface with an L * value of <30 on the surface of copper materials. By comparing with the surface roughness before polishing, we can see the difference in roughness of the laser-treated surface (<1μmRa). But the surface structure is more complicated. The surface area has been greatly improved. This results in a highly absorbent surface. This can be seen from Figure 4.

2020-03-31 03:43:29

Laser Surface Texturing Of Aluminum

For aluminum materials. Its natural oxide layer is hygroscopic. And the thickness will increase over time. So, remove this rough, contaminated oxide layer. To expose the underlying aluminum, it may be sufficient to create sufficient contrast. Another more complicated factor is that the degree of melting or ablation of the underlying aluminum material can significantly affect the appearance of the mark. By carefully adjusting the parameters of the laser pointer, a brighter surface can be produced to show the fusion effect with improved contrast. By using a pulse energy of ~ 1mJ, it is possible to form a deep color and high oxidation surface on aluminum. However, if you want to obtain a low L * value, you can also obtain a solid, non-fragile surface So that the appearance of the mark does not change with the change of the viewing angle, careful control of the process is required. Increase the ablation level to form a slightly rough surface. Surfaces with deeper colors, higher absorption, and larger L * values ​​can also be obtained. The surface sizes shown are all <10 μm. The surface roughness (Ra) is much lower than <5μm.

2020-03-31 03:41:52

Technology Is Quantifying Laser For Various Consumer Products

Pen-type surface profilometers are perhaps the best known for measuring related data. The most widely used technology. Therefore, this technology was selected for preliminary evaluation of laser pointer processing. Surface morphology is a qualitative and quantitative description of more general surface characteristics and shapes, and imaging techniques are more useful here. Therefore, two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of the confocal laser scanning microscope were selected. In the relevant case, the same sub-nanosecond laser was used to laser pretreat the metal so that it could later adhere to the transmissive polymer. The advantages of laser cleaning surfaces. Examples include surface area increase due to laser pretreatment and local laser heating. Promoting the combination of specific metal-polymer combinations can easily reach the strength level of the substrate.

2020-03-31 03:39:51

Technology Is Closely Related To Laser Marking

The main disadvantage of these processes is. Even if it belongs to the low-power series in this laser pointer category. Their investment and operating costs remain high. Because the processing speed usually depends on the average power of the laser, for most industrial laser users, the cost of laser processing under actual surface coverage conditions may be too high. Recently, the pulse width range of mature nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers has been extended to subnanoseconds. What follows is a peak power capability that increases by an order of magnitude. This made it possible to develop a new laser surface processing process using a cost-effective long picosecond laser source.

2020-03-31 03:35:33