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Laser pointer is the main symbol of the development of science and technology in the 20th century and one of the pillars of optoelectronic technology in modern information society. From laser applications in aerospace to laser pen processing products that are ubiquitous, we all enjoy the little changes that laser science and technology bring to our lives.

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Q&A Laser Pointer List
Will Laser Pointer Directly Burn The Skin And Cause Other After-effects?

The photon lifetime is very short, and it is generally an instantaneous effect. However, secondary damage to the laser pointer cannot be ruled out. Just like the sun may induce skin cancer, short-wavelength laser irradiation may have a similar effect for a long time, but this situation has not been reported. While collecting or playing with the laser sword, how should we safely control it? Just like football fans irradiating players with laser pointers, ordinary lasers only cause discomfort. However, high power will cause serious damage to the eyes, and different types of professional goggles should be equipped according to different wavelengths of the laser. Be sure to avoid direct laser exposure to the eyes. At the same time, since the laser can ignite the paper, the corresponding fire prevention measures must be adequate.

2020-07-15 02:47:02

Different laser pointer models to meet customer needs?

These laser swords are generally composed of switches and laser diodes. Laser component composition. Only need to purchase the matching rechargeable battery for "energy replenishment" to meet the use of laser pointer. Although the number of larger power lightsaber products is limited, its sales have exceeded the expectations of these merchants. I did not expect that the high-power laser sword can bring a lot of benefits to the store. After all, its price is higher. Of course, most of the customers who buy such laser swords are still Star Wars fans. For those substances that have little absorption of photons, it is easier to throw a stone than to destroy it with a laser. If you consider actual combat, you don’t have to destroy the target to win. Using a laser pointer or a strong light to attack the opponent’s eyes makes them blind. This strategy is more practical than killing the opponent directly.

2020-07-15 02:43:09

Laser Sword Will Come From Science Fiction To Reality?

According to reports, an American "Star Wars" fan has successfully made a high-power laser sword. The sword can cut paper and light matches as easily as a laser pointer. In the movie "Star Wars", the laser sword is the main weapon of the Jedi Knights. Its super energy and gorgeous effects have made countless star wars fans dream of it. As a student, Shi-Zheng is one of the countless fans of Star Wars. When she mentioned that someone successfully made a laser sword, she couldn't hide her excitement. She really wanted to own a laser sword! Although we do not need to use a lightsaber as a weapon for maintaining peace, it is a special complex to have it. It can be regarded as the dream of childhood. Although there are examples of successful laser swords. There are also many crazy fans who want to have a laser sword. So, will the laser sword affect the human body?

2020-07-15 02:36:27

Case Of Laser Pointer Disturbing Order On The Field?

A fan used the laser pointer to illuminate the referee and away team player in the Luneng and Guoan Super League matches. Disturb the normal progress of the game. The fan borrowed a laser flashlight from his friend before watching the game. At 6 pm on the 30th, the fan illegally carried a laser flashlight into the Olympic Sports Center Stadium and found a seat after entering the entrance. At 7 pm, he took out a laser flashlight from his pocket to illuminate the away team fans for more than 20 minutes. At 8 pm, the fan once again took out a laser flashlight to illuminate the away team fans, and then irradiated the referee and the away team goalkeeper. After more than 10 minutes of exposure, the fan was found by the police on duty at the scene. Subsequently, the police caught up with the stands and captured them.

2020-07-15 02:30:57

Will The Laser Pointer Affect Optic Nerve And Central Nervous System?

Laser flashlights can only be used where necessary in life. From this point of view, the laser energy is not very large. But its energy density is great. Because its scope of action is very small, there is generally only one point. A large amount of energy is gathered in a short time, and it can be understood as a weapon. It is self-evident how powerful it has. The high-power laser pointer are all above 10 milliwatts. The laser flashlights sold online have basically reached 250 milliwatts. Obviously, they have caused the above three to four levels of damage. Specifically, when the laser light emitted by the laser flashlight reaches the sensitive part of the human retina, it will cause damage to the eyes. In addition, after looking at the dazzling beam for a long time. It can also affect the optic nerve and central nervous system, causing dizziness and even nausea. Therefore, never use a laser beam to illuminate another person's face or eyes. Nor can mirrors and other objects reflect laser light.

2020-07-15 02:25:54