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Laser pointer is the main symbol of the development of science and technology in the 20th century and one of the pillars of optoelectronic technology in modern information society. From laser applications in aerospace to laser pen processing products that are ubiquitous, we all enjoy the little changes that laser science and technology bring to our lives.

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Q&A Laser Pointer List
Can you jam the laser of the laser pointer guided weapon?

Maybe, but let the laser pointer aim at an incoming missile flying at Mach 3 or higher and actually hit the seeker. That might be less than 6 inches, which is tricky. You can try to "re-designate" a target on the ground by pointing the laser away from the target. But this also needs to be done as soon as possible. And the missile is very smart. It "expects" to see the target near the original launch target. If you reflect the laser pointer through a single point multiple times, will the energy of the intersection point be higher? Trouble! Unless some form of magnification is used. Otherwise, the emitted light reflected back to itself will never exceed the initial input power. This will involve additional energy input. This sounds reasonable. But you are looking for positive, additional feedback, which requires additional energy to maintain.

2021-05-21 07:26:18

Why place a laser pointer on the moon to calculate the distance to the earth?

If you can calculate the distance measured by the reflection of sunlight. Why place a laser pointer on the moon to calculate the distance to the earth? You misunderstood the subtle operation you did. Instead of sending laser light to the moon, we sent a laser beam. And we still do. The Apollo mission (and two Soviet landers) placed a retroreflector on the moon, which is an efficient reflector that can reflect the laser beam back to itself like a road reflector. When we fire a powerful laser pointer at one of the planets. When it reaches the moon, it will spread out more than a mile in diameter. The part hitting the reflector is scattered much more on the return journey. In the end, only a few photons reach the detector on Earth.

2021-05-21 07:25:31

Is the laser pointer a potential defense against warheads?

What is the blue light used to destroy a separatist ship by the "Interstellar Destroyer" of the Venat class in the battle. Do you think you are referring to this. Well, this is actually a SPHA, docked in the bay of the class star destroyer. Artificial joints used by the Republic during the Battle of Great Britain, and several aircraft were installed for combat on the recommendation. This actually makes a lot of sense. Utilizing powerful technical specifications, it was later used to manufacture the "Death Star" super laser pointer. In addition, SPHA has a wide range and can penetrate shields, so it is an excellent choice for this character. Even its main disadvantage. That is, lack of mobility. We offset it by placing it on the capital ship.

2021-05-21 07:24:35

How did the guy who fired the Death Star laser pointer get this job

In "Star Wars", how did the guy who fired the "Death Star" laser pointer get this job? Is this a lottery? What to do when they don’t pull the bar or press the button. He is the guy who fired the "Death Star" super laser pointer and said "standby...standby...". He is also one of the main characters in the novel "Death Star", which is all related to the battlefield of the same name-its design. Construction, testing, and destruction from another perspective. Served in the Navy (first the Republic, then the Empire) for 30 years. And is a veteran of the "Clone Wars".

2021-05-21 07:23:48

A laser pointer is added to the home defense gun of the iron night vision device

If I add a laser pointer to a home defense gun with a red dot and an iron night vision device that I witnessed together. Will it be confusing? I think finding two points may be a problem. Would it be confusing if I add a laser to a home defense gun with a red dot and an iron night vision device that I witnessed together? I think finding two points may be a problem. No, this shouldn't be a problem, but no, neither should you. If you have witnessed a laser pointer, then it should be aligned with your red dot sight. So you should not look at the two red dots, and it should be fine.

2021-05-21 07:22:04

The laser pointer used will not cause damage to the eyes

A Hong Kong doctor claimed. The laser pointer used by Hong Kong demonstrators at the police station will not cause eye damage. is this real? In the Instagram page, this so-called "Doctor" is called. Guo Jiaqi is a trade doctor and a member of the Legislative Council. He is an anti-government pan-democratic lawmaker. His party is one of the main supporters of the rioters. One year ago, Tan Mangao, one of his colleagues and legislators, was an aviation pilot. He said a year ago when he commented on the child pointing the laser pointer at the Hong Kong plane. If the laser pointer is shot into the pilot's eyes, it will be very dangerous. And may cause blindness and cause serious accidents.

2021-05-21 07:20:55

Does the laser pointer really exist like a spy movie to ensure safety?

Like spy movies, does the laser pointer really exist to ensure safety? Yes, there is a laser field. The most common part is wrong. The real safety laser field will be invisible, and there may be a tiny pinhole on the wall, otherwise the laser will be invisible. If you see the laser, there are enough particles to rupture the laser, causing the sensor to trip. Depends on the time window before the sensor trips. Mirroring skills are not an option either.

2021-05-21 07:18:52

Does the laser pointer actually cause eye damage?

I've seen a detergent box that can scan the blinking glass window of the scanner. All I can see is ambient light. Maybe these devices have an infrared laser pointer beam, but IR is not harmful unless it is close enough to your hand for baking. You will feel it because it is hotter than a warm brick wall. If there is a device that uses laser pointer ultraviolet light. There is no reason to make it very strong. It sounded like sunburned under the glare of a small window in a prison cell south of me.

2021-05-21 07:17:37

Is the fine for launching a laser pointer on an airplane too heavy?

Taking into account the possibility that doing so may lead to a crash. Is the fine for launching a laser pointer on an airplane too heavy? We were operating at night at Fairbanks International Airport. We were illuminated by the laser. We told the tower that they had notified the airport police. We lead them to criminals. They shined a laser beam on us for 15 minutes while copper pipes from airports and universities surrounded and captured them in action. This is a high-power 110-volt research laser pointer owned by UAF. It has been plugged into the UAF power supply. Our two flight crew wanted them to be arrested. Neither the police department nor the prosecutor will bring charges. Seeing that they are just a group of happy college students. They almost caused the plane to crash.

2021-05-21 07:16:38

Will professional snipers use aiming laser pointers?

will not. First of all, the visible laser pointer can easily determine the shooter's shooting point. Even with infrared lasers, even basic NV equipment can see the beam. Second, the laser light travels in a straight line. No bullets. As soon as the bullet leaves the barrel, it begins to be affected by gravity. When the shooter shoots, the barrel is pointed higher than the target, and the bullet falls on the target. It has also been adjusted for wind and other environmental factors. Unless the sniper zeros the laser and weapon in the proper range, and there is no wind declination. Otherwise, the laser pointer will not be aimed at the target.

2021-05-21 07:15:46

Can I install a laser pointer on the end of the bullet shell of a bullet gun?

Any laser pointer with internal threads on the rear. Both can be screwed onto the end cap of the bullet gun magazine tube. However, if there is no flat milling on the surface of the end caps, they cannot be well supported. Even then, they are not as safe as barrel mounts. You can buy a barrel to replace the Remington 870 end barrel, but only for certain models of shotguns with the same thread. Look for the laser pointer sight model.

2021-05-21 07:01:02

The Navy’s new laser pointer and railgun weapons?

The new laser pointer and railgun weapons of the US Navy are a bunch of "Buck Rogers" pretends. Or will it be the next big thing? Just to summarize all other answers. The class is an ideal platform for railguns or lasers (or both). She is an electrically driven boat. It mainly generates 78 MW from two MT30 gas turbines. These are based on the same engines that power the Boeing 777. It takes about 25 MW to fire a 32MJ projectile at a rate of 10 per minute. The laser pointer can easily provide this function.

2021-05-21 06:57:31

Is the laser rifle a real portable weapon in the Chinese army?

Are laser pointers as deadly as guns? Yes, China has developed one, and it may have a limited service period. However, it is non-fatal. Laser assault rifles are classified as "non-lethal", but the energy beam produced is invisible to the naked eye. But it can pass through windows and cause "instant carbonization" of human skin and tissues. Pain will exceed endurance. Said a researcher who had participated in prototype development and field testing at Xi'an Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shaanxi Province.

2021-05-21 06:56:38

If you shine a laser pointer on a tank or armored vehicle?

If you shine a laser pointer on a tank or armored vehicle. Will it trigger the system to automatically emit smoke or turn the turret toward the laser? Can the occupants of the vehicle accidentally fire on the laser source? I will not go into details. Only published content and common sense. If the aircraft is locked from the missile, the system will issue an audible warning to the pilot. If the tank is equipped with a similar early warning system. The audible signal will warn the crew. The sensor has picked up the active laser pointer.

2021-05-21 06:55:11

Can lightsabers deflect large laser pointers fired from Droid tanks?

Jedi may be very smart and has never tried to do this. The blaster of a tank or a star fighter has a greater impact than an ordinary soldier blaster. Although the laser pointer lightsaber can block and deflect it, the sword bearer still needs enough strength to withstand and deflect this force. For weaker lightsaber users. The explosion must knock the weapon out of their hands. And it is likely to cause energy damage.

2021-05-21 06:54:19

What is the difference between hard light weapons and laser pointer weapons?

Forerunner light weapons are based on weaponized "glare." That is the material of the forerunner optical bridge: hard light technology can absorb light. And made it solid with science fiction space voodoo teaching aids, which has never been fully explained in this tutorial. The pioneer light rifle fires energy projectiles made of strong solid light, which is different from lasers, which emit non-solid beams. The meaning is. The pioneer's strong light weapons somehow combined the high-energy characteristics of directed energy weapons with the kinetic energy of laser pointer projectile weapons. This should come in handy when fighting the flood.

2021-05-21 06:53:35

What is the purpose of the laser pointer in Star Trek?

The original answer is what does the red laser of Borg in Star Trek TNG mean to Locutus. What is the role of Borg's red laser pointer in Star Trek TNG. As always, every question about science fiction stories is divided into two answers. That is cosmology and storytelling. Worldwide, apart from simply becoming part of Borg’s assimilation, the increase in technology addition will never be explained. Depending on the various bits and fragments of the conversation, this adds a liter. Thus occurs under the skin, replacing the organ system. In order to make it possible to assimilate points that will not be completely released from the collective.

2021-05-21 06:52:28

Why does Star Wars Cruiser jet laser pointer?

It's not like they are shooting randomly. The Star Cruiser has a sharp aiming system and precise positioning of the laser pointer. They can hit the target from orbit or further away. I mean look at this. Except for the Death Star, they are the largest star cannon on any ship in Star Wars. The wingspan of their ship is 60 kilometers. However, their hit rate reached 100% in the 20m miniature escape pod outside of the half of the system.

2021-05-21 06:43:46

Why do people aim the laser pointer at the cockpit of the aircraft?

Because people like stupidity! But it does cost them sometimes. Constantly, a 19-year-old Canadian decided to entertain a few friends of an annoying helicopter pilot. What he didn't know was that the helicopter pilot they chose to annoy happened to be working for the police. The teenager was at a loss after realizing his mistake. Broke into the woods. As the laser pointer is connected to the pill gun, the charge increases.

2021-05-21 06:42:02

Does a laser pointer really exist like a spy movie to ensure safety?

Kind of, but not true. So this concept is real. It is usually done with an invisible (infrared) laser pointer. Your garage door may have someone who can stop the door from closing. These systems (called active infrared) can also be used for alarms. However, there is absolutely no reason for a large group of people to meander in the corridor. If you want to cover the lobby (instead of just using the laser to cover the entry point) or other larger areas. It makes more sense to use a motion detector (passive infrared).

2021-05-21 06:38:09

Is the sensor a non-traditional lidar radar?

Lidar scanner. This is a new low-end device in the fixed 3D laser pointer scanning market. The sensor is a non-traditional lidar. It proposes a revolutionary solution for real-time machine navigation. The latest discoveries of lidar technology widely used in digital mapping regions also contribute to the growth of this technology. In addition, as its technical advantages in the application field appear, the automated lidar market is growing rapidly. For these reasons, the lidar market is expected to grow substantially in the near future.

2021-01-27 11:32:31

Lidar application market and development analysis

Laser detection and measurement. More widely known as LiDAR (from the same term RADAR). It is a sensing technology that uses laser pointer pulses to measure the distance to the ground. Using this technology can obtain three-dimensional information of the surface shape and surface features. Lidar technology helps professional cartographers and scientists to be more precise. Accurately and flexibly measure and understand natural and artificial environments. Earlier, lidar was limited to government and military applications. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of manufacturing cost of lidar, it has widely penetrated into industrial and commercial fields. The main application areas of lidar technology include: mining, forestry, archaeology, geology, seismology, topographic surveying and power corridor maps. In addition, laser pointer detection and measurement also include applications in the field of civil engineering. Including transportation, city maps and planning. Infrastructure projects and road planning, etc.

2021-01-27 11:31:35

Israel has developed the use of laser beams to remotely diagnose the coronavirus

As of April 13, 2020. The number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide has exceeded 1.85 million. To diagnose or rule out whether a patient is infected with the new coronavirus requires scientific means. In the face of the global epidemic, researchers from various countries continue to develop more efficient diagnosis and treatment methods. Recently, researchers at Bar Ilan University (BIU) in Israel developed a method for remote diagnosis of coronavirus using laser pointer beams. This is a kind of place even tens of meters away. A device that can remotely sense changes in tissue motility caused by diseases.

2021-01-27 11:30:42

Patterning process in micro-nano processing Laser beam

Utilize the technology accumulation of nearly 20 years in the MEMS field. He has a lot of design and process experience in sensors, biological MEMS, optical MEMS and radio frequency MEMS. The patterning process of micro-nano processing is mainly divided into two technologies: pattern transfer and direct processing. The pattern transfer technology includes three parts: thin film deposition, pattern imaging, and pattern transfer. The laser pointer beam etching technology of direct processing has direct writing capability. The avoiding multi-step process of pattern transfer, by controlling the focused high-energy laser (shortwave/pulse) beam to directly produce fine structures on the etching material. With micron/sub-micron film etching processing accuracy, it is suitable for a variety of materials. Realize the production of three-dimensional microstructures.

2021-01-27 11:29:50

Data returned by the laser pointer reflector of the lunar survey orbiter

This technology is not new. During the Apollo era, astronauts installed five reflectors on the surface of the moon. Each reflector contains at least 100 mirrors. It can reflect in any direction. For example, by reflecting the light on these panels. Scientists have been able to understand that the moon is moving away from the earth at a rate of about 1.5 inches per year. Planetary scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center said: Now that we have collected 50 years of data. We can see some trends. Without these 50 years of accumulation, we would not be able to see this return signal. The science of laser pointer ranging is a long game.

2021-01-27 11:28:50

The laser beam reflected between the earth and the moon promotes development

Since 2009. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) orbits the moon a dozen times a day. There are six high-tech instruments on the lunar survey orbiter. These 6 high-tech instruments not only helped scientists draw a detailed map of the moon. And let them know more about the radiation and temperature on the lunar surface. But in fact, the lunar reconnaissance orbiter also carries a fairly simple instrument. A book-sized reflector.

2021-01-27 11:27:44

Can more precise laser experiments also help scientists?

The particularity of the laser pointer experiment lies in a newly developed imaging technology. It is particularly sensitive to the special changes observed in this phase transition. The images taken by Göttingen physicists are entirely a collection of electrons scattered by crystal fluctuations. Their cutting-edge methods allow researchers to gain fundamental insights into light-induced structural changes. The leader of nano optics and ultrafast dynamics at the University of Göttingen and the director and professor of MPI of Biophysical Chemistry. We have been able to transfer our imaging technology to other crystal structures. In this way. We have not only answered basic questions in solid-state physics. It also opens up new prospects for optical switch materials in smart nanoelectronics in the future.

2021-01-27 11:26:03

Successfully photographed the crystal structure transformation under the laser beam?

The laser pointer beam can be used to change the properties of materials in an extremely precise way. This principle has been widely used in technologies such as rewritable DVDs. However, the basic process is generally carried out at such an unimaginable speed and such a small scale that it has not been directly observed so far. Researchers from the University of Göttingen and the Institute of Biophysical Chemistry (MPI) in Göttingen have now successfully photographed the laser pointer transformation process of a crystal structure with nanometer resolution and slow motion in an electron microscope for the first time. The results have been published in the "Science" magazine.

2021-01-27 11:25:06

Will be given powerful chemotherapy after receiving laser pointer treatment?

As part of a clinical trial. After receiving laser pointer treatment, patients will be treated with the powerful chemotherapy drug doxorubicin. This drug is considered the least likely to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. The primary lesion was ovarian cancer, and he is currently undergoing treatment for recurrent glioma. This tumor is the most difficult type of brain tumor to treat. Most patients diagnosed with this type of brain tumor survive only 15 months, according to statistics from the American Cancer Society. This clinical trial is still in progress. However, this preliminary result is very promising.

2021-01-27 11:23:50

Laser technology can break through the blood-brain barrier to treat brain tumors

Neurosurgeons use lasers to treat brain tumors. It was found that the technology broke through the blood-brain barrier. This research result provides new treatment options for patients with these fatal diseases. The blood-brain barrier is a natural "safety system". It can prevent the poison in the blood from entering the brain, and at the same time, it cuts off potentially therapeutic drugs from entering the brain, such as chemotherapy. Said a professor of neurosurgery at Washington University in St. Louis. We were able to make the brain blood membrane barrier disintegrate about 4 weeks after laser pointer treatment.

2021-01-27 11:22:46