Laser Pointer

In recent years, the demand for laser pointers has grown. We sell pen type, flashlight type red laser pointers, green laser pointers,blue laser pointers. Due to the convenience of carrying, the favorable price and the softer and safer light, the laser pointer is used in teaching as a laser pointer. Most of the  laser pointers are pen type and use AAA batteries. Open it from the middle, put the battery in, and press the middle button gently, then you can use it normally.
The green laser pointer of small power 1mw-10mw is mainly pen type. The pen type laser pen is easy to carry because of its compact shape. You can put it in your pocket conveniently. The battery is mainly AAA battery. It is not only convenient to carry, but also very convenient and safe to use.
We are a professional laser pointer sales website, which integrates production, sales and independent development. We sell all kinds of green laser pointer, such as pen type, flashlight type and Gatlin type.
In order to satisfy the pursuit of high power burning laser pointers by laser lovers, we have developed more and more burning high power blue laser pen. The burning type laser pointer is mainly flashlight type. For safety reasons, we equip with safety keys for most of pointers. In the first step of use, you need to open the safety keys and turn on the switch, then you can use it normally. If you haven't used it for a long time, please lock the laser pointer and place it where the child is not easy to find.