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Laser TV becomes the giant in the exhibition category

At the 2018 IFA Expo, laser TV became the "big Mac" in the exhibition category. Among them, the CHiQ laser TV C7UG exhibited by Changhong has become the benchmark product in the laser TV of IFA2018 with the advantages of 4K display resolution and super high color gamut.

The laser TV C7UG that has received attention this time is a new product launched by Changhong in the second half of this year. Compared with the wide variety of laser TV products currently on the market, this product has achieved four major upgrades. First of all, for display upgrade, real 4K display, support HDR10, and through intelligent depth of field optimization and image quality enhancement technology, the viewing brightness reaches 400nit, the overall picture display is clear, the color reproduction is natural; the second is the configuration upgrade, using Ti high-end DMD 4K chip Top with high-performance memory solution, running at a high speed, rejecting Caton; again, software intelligent upgrade, using Changhong CHiQ TV leading AI3.0 artificial intelligence TV technology, powerful far-field voice application, want to see, no remote control required Operation; In addition, the built-in K song system is the cinema and KTV; the last is the appearance of the upgrade, using the new platinum drill Baiyunzi shape, metal craft, called the distinguished choice.

It is reported that at the end of August, Changhong and Suning Tesco, released the grand release of C5U/C7UG two 4K laser TVs, announced to the outside world "Changhong takes you into the era of 4K laser TV"! It is reported that C5U has the first projection ratio of 0.21:1 in the industry, which can project a larger size at a shorter distance from the screen.

Chang Xinqun, chief technology officer of Changhong green laser pointer Display Technology Co., Ltd., said that Changhong has 18 years of technology precipitation on the laser display, and constantly innovates independently. It has certain advantages in optical engine, scatter spot and light effect technology, and it has long been The development of three-color laser display products representing the highest display level in the industry was released, and the world's first laser display optical screen spontaneous sound system was released. The industry's exclusive first Fresnel comprehensive screen, the value and strength coexist. Multi-layer optical film with high precision fitting, creating the industry's first comprehensive screen with a frame width of 5.8mm to achieve the narrowest edge in the industry; innovative development of ultra-thin ultra-flat screen support back sheet material, visual thickness of 6.8mm, to achieve Frey Ultra-thin lead.

Although it belongs to the "new generation", since Changhong and other enterprises entered the laser TV industry, laser TV began to enter the fast lane of development. Especially since last year, laser TV has become the first choice for ultra-large TV consumption. From the perspective of third-party data such as AVC, the market growth rate of laser TV is also very obvious.

As far as the current status of products and industries is concerned, the successful breakthrough of 4K display technology by Changhong and other manufacturers has improved the “competitiveness” of products, and the pricing of products by various manufacturers has become more rational, entering the level of 50,000 yuan and improving the pair. The "temptation" of potential users. According to industry insiders, with the increasing number of manufacturers and products, the environment for laser TV consumption has matured, and 4K laser TV has become a high-end representative of this category.

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