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Can you be attracted to a high-powered laser pointer?

Almost parallel laser beam source. High concentrations allow high levels of radiation that can damage the retina of the eye. "The green laser pointer beam falls on the retina, and it may appear in simple cases where there is no structural damage to the sensory cells, and a few minutes later, glare appears again," describes the initial symptoms, said Professor Horst Helbig, director of the hospital's eye clinic at the University of Regensburg. "Most people with laser sights come from another light source, a familiar phenomenon. But irreversible tissue damage can also occur with retinal enlargement or prolonged exposure to laser light. The loss of limited vision, as we know, glare, is not fully formed in the back. Laser wavelength The laser wavelength is located in the visible spectrum by frequency and can be green, blue, red, purple, orange, or yellow. Green laser designator Please consider your requirements as standard green laser lamps are always 7 x 10 times brighter than other colors in the same output. This means that the 100mW green laser 100mW pointer is much brighter than any other color.

Another interesting thing I've noticed about the green high powered laser is that if you shine a beam on red felt or bright yellow fluorescent orange, it colors the live ballot box! So when I shine the green pointer on the ruby stick the green beam between the 532nm laser pointer and then you see the bright red on the inside of the stick getting darker due to absorption, and the green back on the other end of the beam. Maybe I'm tingling with CR ++ Atom? I've been shining 632.8 nm in the strangest things for years, but have never seen a color change. In the computer industry, I have come across several devices that operate using laser technology. There are three main reasons for choosing this technique. First of all, the reason is to show the laser, to show a place somewhere, for example, in a presentation. The second reason is to use the technology as a way to navigate through surfaces to understand movement, such as a laser mouse. Third, the reason is to emit lasers, to understand data by receiving some lasers, such as CD ROM and DVD ROM, which emit laser beams and hit the CD or CD surface.

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