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Blickfeld provides visual technology for autonomous vehicles

According to foreign media reports, German Munich start-up company Blickfeld hopes to play an important role in accelerating the large-scale promotion of autonomous vehicles. Therefore, it plans to provide a vision system for autonomous vehicles, use cheaper parts, and adopt micro-mechanical technology. Reduce the size and weight of the vision system.

Once a Level 5 autonomous vehicle is officially put into use, a fully self-driving car will require 360 ​​degrees to detect the surrounding environment to quickly avoid various hazards. Now, a series of ultra-fast rotary green laser pointer scanners such as Lidar are the best. However, lidar is very expensive and many companies have been working hard to introduce more cost-effective alternatives. The startup, Blickfeld, is developing a cheaper technology to scan the car's surroundings. The technology consists of lasers and identification software written by the company itself.

Florian Petit, co-founder of Blickfeld, who is responsible for product and business development, said: "Our technology is clearly cheaper and more compact than the solutions currently on the market. Although the price is lower, the technology can be provided for autonomous vehicles. The information needed to make informed and safe decisions.” Blickfeld is a startup in automotive technology, founded in 2016 to accelerate the development of fully autonomous vehicles. Petit said that the company's system price is "less than three digits", which is lower than the current price of a few thousand euros.

Cool! Large-scale laser water curtain show staged in Zhangjiakou

On the evening of August 31, the large-scale laser water curtain show "Gyeonggi Pearl Dream Night Banquet" was staged in the West River of Kongjiazhuang Town, Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City.

The music fountain is 110 meters long and 20 meters wide. It uses 3D high-definition laser projection water curtain film, high-power full-color laser scanning CNC swinging fountain, frequency conversion running spring and other internationally advanced water show technology, a variety of patterns and colors. The beam shines on the crystal clear fountain water curtain, presenting a dreamlike world.

The whole water curtain show is divided into five chapters; the Gyeonggi Fortress, the Silk Road Corridor where Wanshang gathers, the cultural city filled with Vientiane, the open new area shared by all people, and the snow and ice stage of Wanjia Dream, which are displayed in the form of light special effects. The historical development chapter of Zhangjiakou and Wanquan strives to present a visual feast to the people of the city. This is a perfect blend of music and lighting, a feast of dreams and technology.

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