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Uruguay uses Laser Engraver to help ID card security

Uruguay, although the second smallest country in South America, has a population of only 3.3 million, is known for its technological innovation and social policies. Uruguay ranks first in all South American countries in terms of democracy, peace, policy transparency and quality of life, and e-Government since 2014. In fact, Uruguay has risen 24 places in the United Nations e-government rankings since its implementation of e-government. It ranks 26th in the world and ranks first in the countries around South America.

A new electronic IC card made up of two polycarbonate chips will make anti-counterfeiting more difficult. The biggest feature of this IC card is the electronic signature of Laser Engraver and important personal data, which is convenient for identifying the authenticity of user information.

The key to the solution is the laser marking technology of IXLA, a company that has developed an ID 5 laser desktop business card printer. The government can use the Laser Engraver to implement decentralized inscribed identity cards in the safest way. The Uruguayan government is deploying the ID 5 business unit throughout the country to facilitate the updating of identity documents near the home.

The ID 5 can be laser engraved with polycarbonate and PVC cards, as well as smart cards, magnetic cards, and RFID cards. It is one of a series of laser engraving technologies designed to enable the government to issue security ID cards and passports that meet the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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