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Laser blinding weapon green laser pointers

"The mysterious laser attack on the aircraft may be related to the new Chinese base." For the past few days, US and British media have continuously reported that US officials have said that US military planes in Djibouti were illuminated by green laser pointers from the Chinese base in Djibouti. In response, the Ministry of National Defense responded that the statements made by US officials were completely inconsistent with the facts.

Yi Fang, a special researcher at the Think Tank, told the reporter of Science and Technology Daily, "Comprehending all aspects of information, the so-called laser irradiation incident is completely unfounded. There are many foreign military bases in Djibouti. Even if a real pilot is exposed to laser irradiation, it cannot be confirmed that it is Chinese behavior. From related news Judging from the above, several 'laser attack' events obviously did not cause substantial damage to the pilot and related sensing equipment, and did not constitute a substantial threat. Therefore, it can be judged that the so-called 'laser attack' event is likely to be a laser Reconnaissance and target positioning, such as lidar equipment. It may even be unconscious behaviors of surrounding residents, such as civilian green laser pointer telemeters, etc. This is just some media and countries provoking China's threat theory and discrediting some of China Common tricks are just tricks of malicious suspicion and clasping. "

According to foreign media reports, the pilot of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was blinded by laser-blinded weapons. The Pentagon also said that the number of pilots who have been blinded by lasers in recent years has been rising. This shows that the development of laser weapons by some countries in the world has reached an applicable stage.

Laser blinding weapon is a kind of green laser pointer weapon, that is, a type of laser weapon that uses laser beam to illuminate human eyes or photoelectric sensors and other components in weapon equipment, causing interference, failure, overload, or causing some damage. When used on people, it can burn the retina, make it temporarily or even permanently blind, and can cause a strong psychological threat and shock to people.

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Its pilot was illuminated by a green laser pointer