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Features of blinding weapons green laser pointers

According to reports, China is a signatory to the Protocol on Laser Blinding Weapons, but China is suspected of manufacturing and using green laser pointer blinding weapons.

The Swedish government first proposed a ban on laser-blinded weapons in 1973 and lobbied with other NGOs. In 1980, the Inhumane Weapons Convention banned or restricted the use of certain conventional weapons that were considered to be excessively injurious or indiscriminate. When reviewing the Inhumane Weapons Convention in 1995, it failed to limit the abuse of landmines, but adopted the Protocol on Laser Blinding Weapons by mistake. The protocol stipulates that the use of laser weapons with permanent loss of vision as one of the only combat functions or functions is prohibited. Contracting parties prohibit the transfer of this type of weapon with any entity other than a country or state agency. However, when the green laser pointers system is being used by the military, the accompanying blindness accidents are not prohibited.

"It can be seen that there are many loopholes in the agreement, and many government and non-governmental representatives have reservations. The provisions of the protocol are very rigorous, they only limit the blinding function of a single human eye, and do not exclude weapons with laser blindness sensors. Moreover, there are no restrictions on high-energy laser weapons, that is, laser weapons under other guise can also be used. As long as the power is sufficient, it can also cause blindness to the human eye. Therefore, as long as it is not a special laser glare, "It is not a violation of the agreement." Yi Fang pointed out, "However, these are no longer important. The important thing is that the tactical application of high-energy laser weapons is approaching. It is in the historical transition period from technological breakthroughs to actual combat applications. It is expected to be used and deployed on the battlefield during the year. These high-energy green laser pointer weapons not only have the function of laser blinding weapons, but also have the function of direct destruction, and the targets for killing are getting smaller and smaller, the accuracy is getting higher, and it deserves widespread attention . "

"Some countries deliberately find faults with agreements, but secretly spare no effort to accelerate the development of subversive new concept laser weapons. This requires us to accurately predict the development trend of future wars and not be held back by trivial matters in order to be invincible in future wars. Place. "Yi Fang said.

Low energy green laser pointer blinding weapon