Laser Sword with Gatling Laser Pointer Green Blue Red Violet Beam Real Lightsaber


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Product Description:

Wanna get a real lightsaber at Star Wars just like Jedi? I'm sure that this laser sword will Satisfy you! This real lightsaber choose a super powerful gatling laser pointer as a main body, it can emits a powerful and bright laser beam that looks really awesome! Four colors are available here: Green / Blue / Red / Violet Beam.HTPOW is ready to bring you the most "elegant weapon, for a civilized age." Show your true colors with the newest revolution in Lightsaber LED technology!


Green / Red / Blue / Violet Laser Sword Features

●Organic glass, long service time, with high light transmission, makes the light ray more saturated
●Stainless steel switch, solid structure, exquisite look, shock resistance and crush resistance
●Detachable laser sword, won't take up too much space
●Gatling laser main body,produce a laser beam that is clear, bright
●Powerful gatling laser, can be served as a burning laser
●Four colors are available, choose your favor color

Star Wars Lightsaber Speficications

Laser Power: Red( 500mw )/Green ( 6000mw )/Blue( 20000mw )/Violet( 1000mw )

Wavelength: Red( 650nm )/Green ( 532nm )/Blue( 450nm )/ Violet( 405nm )


Red Laser Sword

Red Lightsaber

Blue Light Lightsaber

Green Laser Sword

Violet Laser Sword

Powerful Gatling Laser

Blue Beam Laser

Green Light Laser

Red Laser Pointer

Violet Laser Flashlight

High Power Gatling Laser



● 1 x Laser Sword
● 1 x Battery Charger 
● 2 x 16340 Battery
● 1 x Goggles for laser 
● 1 * Aluminum Carrying Case

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