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HTPOW High Power Laser Strong Powered 30000mw Blue Laser Pointer 445nm The World's Most Powerful Brightest Strongest Lazer

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Free Gift : 8 in 1 Pattern Cap + Lightsaber



This awesome laser pointer is one of the most powerful handheld laser in the world! Utilization of the laser crystal technology and optics creates this high quality: It emits an intense brilliant blue laser beam full of energy. This blue laser pointer can be accessed easily by touching its bottom switch. It requires two 16340 batteries as power supply to assure the laser to last as long as possible. This high tech laser pointer is also fully focus adjustable so one can use it at different of occasions . Besides, aerospace aluminum brings it a tough and durable shell.This laser pointer kit includes five laser lenses that can emit wonderful patterns. And it will surely bring you a lot entertainment !


  High Powered Laser Pointer Technical specifications

Beam Color Blue
Laser Wavelength 445nm
Laser Output power 30000mW( 30W )
Light Style Beam Light
Switch Push Button Operating
Class Class 4
Body Material Aerospace Aluminum
Product Weight 240g
Operating Temperature  -10 ~ +40 ℃ (14-104℉)
Storage Temperature  -10 ~ +45 ℃ (14-113℉)
Body Color Silver
Warranty Time 12 Months

  High Power Laser Pointer Features

● Contemporary Sleek Design - With circuit protection and heat dissipation design
Low-voltage quick start - no need for warm up
● Adjustable Focus - Pinpoint accuracy and spot distance to target at close or long range.
● Improved Laser Body - 6061-T6  Aircraft grade aluminum chassis, fully tested and proven engineering.
Extremely Long Beam Distance - 10000m ultra long transmission distance.
● Professional Laser Goggles - ensure your eyes' safety.
● Lens Kit Included - Use stunning visual effects with the included lens kit. 
● Powerful Enough - Generate a laser beam with ultra bright blue light points full of energy ,capable of burning
● Wonderful After-sale Service - Free Shipping , 30-day Return Policy , 12-month Warranty


HTPOW 30000mw Most Powerful Blue Laser Pointer

High Powered 30000mw Blue LaserPointer

HTPOW The World's most Powerful Laser Pointer

Ultra power Laser Htpow blue

High Powered Adjustable Laser Flashlight

blue laser pointers burning

HTPOW most powerful laser pointer

HTPOW 30000mw Powerful Blue Laser Pointer

Ultra power Laser Htpow

Powerful Laser Pointer Pen


Blue laser

lasers that burn

laser pointer balloon

Laser Pointer Most Powerful

Powerful Blue Laser

Laser Pointer Cheap

Blue LaserPointer 445nm

Laser Pointer 30000mw Laser Flashlight Starry Pattern

30000mw Starry Laser Pointer

Adjustable Laser Pointer Pattern

30000mw Blue Laser Pointer Adjustable Laser Flashlight Laser Pointer 30000mw Laser Flashlight

30000mw Adjustable Laser Flashlight Adjustable Laser Flashlight 30000mw

HTPOW 30000mw High Power Blue Laser Pointer

Starry Patterns

Starry Blue Laser Pointer


Free Gift: Lightsaber

Blue Light Lightsaber


  30W Laser Pointer Package

●1x  Powerful Laser Pointer

●5x  Starry Pattern Lenses

●1x 8 in 1 Pattern Cap+ 1x Lightsaber

●1x  Laser Goggles

●2x  16340 Batteries + Charger

●1x  Aluminum Carrying Case

One  Year Warranty


Our Guarantee

✔We guarantee a 30-day money back return policy.

✔We guarantee delivery to every countries in the world !

✔We guarantee your laser will be free from defects for a full year from the date of receipt.

✔HTPOW's portable lasers are professional for safety and the output power is measured on each unit individually for a 20-minute continuous period to ensure sustained performance. This test is done at least 3 times before the laser is shipped to the customer.

Laser Pointer Notes

▲Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use.

▲Never let the really strong laser pointer  to a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces.

▲When inserting the batteries ALWAYS point the laser emission hole away from your eyes.

▲Unscrew pen clip from the laser pointer. Insert batteries positive end towards the tail and tightly screw the pen clip.

▲This powerful laser pointer is not designed for long-term use. Constantly turning on will result accumulation of high temperature and sacrifice the lifetime of laser diode. We suggest 60 seconds at most per time, and stop 10 seconds, then continue.

▲Please keep this long range laser pointer away from children (especially High Power Laser Pointer ) in order to avoid the damage by the children's contacting.

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