20000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Copper Material Ultra Powerful Laser Pen (Sold Out)


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Product Description:

With its ultra power,this 20000mW Blue Laser Pointer Copper Material Ultra Powerful Laser Pen  generates a single-point laser beam of blue light that is clear, bright and full of energy. Its high power makes it possible to light matches or cigarettes, burn paper, repel birds and much more. And it features adjustable focus to suit all kinds of needs. Copper shell is tough and durable for long-lasting use. Just make sure install batteries corectly before put it on and continuous working hours less than one minute!Click and order now!


Technical specifications

Output Power:20000MW
Distance (m) in the dark:8000 - 10000 meters
Working Temperature (℃):-10℃〜+ 45℃
Storage Temperature (℃):-10℃〜+ 50℃
Electric current:1.5A,1.8A
Housing Material:100% copper
Power supply voltage (VCC):2 × 18650 battery
Warranty time:12 months

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