3000mw 445nm Blue Laser Pointer Strong Power Lazer Light Matches Cigarettes


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Product Description:

This 3000mw 445nm Blue Laser Pointer is so strong that can light matches and burn cigarettes easily ! And it features adjustable focus to suit all kinds of needs.The laser pointer pen gives out eye-catching light beam in pure blue color and high brightness, providing clear pointing. Ideal choice for you! Add it to your cart now!

3000mw blue laser pointer specifications

Size: 30 mm X220mm
Weight: 210g
Operating temperature: 0-35 ℃
Output Power: 3000MW
Wavelength: 445nm
Voltage: DC7V
Color: Black
Laser Color: Blue Laser Pointer
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ - + 40 ℃
Packling List 
Burning Laser Pointer * 1
16340 battery (rechargeable * 2
Charger * 1
Aluminum box packaging * 1
Laser protective glasses * 1

HTPOW 445nm 3000mw Blue Laser Pointer

HTPOW 3000mw Blue Laser Pointer Pen

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 3000mw 445nm Blue Laser Pointer

 3000mw Blue Laser Pointer 445nm

 445nm Blue Laser Pointer 3000mw

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 3000mw Burning Laser Pointer

 Burning Blue Laser Pointer

 Blue Burning Laser Pointer

Strong Blue Laser Pointer

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