3000mw Green Laser pointer High Power 532nm Cheap Laser


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Product Description:

Green beam itself can be seen in mid-air in dark conditions, not just the laser beam dot. This allows the green laser pointer to be used for pointing to star constellations and also just generally look cool as hell. The green laser beam dot can be seen at much greater distances than with a red laser pointer. At low temperatures, or in case of rain through the laser pointer pen burning withered leaves, warm the body.

3000mw Green Laser technology parameters:

Material: copper and aluminum
Exterior Finish: Anodized black, feel good
Switch mode: rear self-locking switch
Color: Green Laser Pointer
Battery: 1 * 18650
Wavelength: 532nm
Power: 3000mW
Range: 500-10000 (the higher the power, the greater the range)
Operating voltage: DC3.7V
Optimum operating temperature: 0-35 degrees
Size: 30mm * 190mm
Weight: 132g (without batteries)
Fixed focus, point-like spot continuous output.
Packing information:
3000mw Green Laser Pointer X 1
Charger X 1
18650 X 1
Laser protective glasses X 1
Aluminum box X 1
3000mw Green Laser
3000mw Laser
 Green Laser 3000mw
3000mw  Green Laserpointer
3000mw Green Laser Pointer
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Ultra Powerful Lasers 3000mw
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