5000mw Laser Pointer 100% Copper Material Pen (Sold Out) Body


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Product Description:

5000mw Blue Laser Pointer Description:

Material: Copper
Showing Color: Gold
Switch mode: Click
Battery 1 * 18650
Wavelength: 532nm
Performance: 5000MW
Arriving: (in the higher performance, greater range) 500-10000
Operating voltage: DC3V
Working temperature: 0-35 degrees

Powerful Laser Pointer  Packing list:

● 1 * Laser Pointer 5000mw
● 1 * Battery Charger
● 1 * Battery 2 * 18650
● 1 * Goggles for laser
● 1 * Aluminum box

●100% copper material barrel, with a delicate
●With Nichia NDB7875 9mm diameter high power blue LED, the new design of the circuit board
●Power up to 5000mw
●Accept custom

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Laser Pointer 5000mw

Laser Pointer Notes:

Laser pointer belonging to very fragile electronic products, the core element is a laser diode, poor heat dissipation, no impact, so be sure to use caution when
1. General a single use can not be more than one minute, and then need to rest for 20-30 seconds
2. Do not dramatic collision;
3. All of the Company are purple red reverse battery, the negative electrode inwardly, and green opposite; as long battery installed backwards, will cause diode breakdown scrapped;

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