50mW 532nm Professional Fixed Focus Green Laser Pointer Class 3B Super Bright For Astronomy Pointer


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Product Description:

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This green laser pointer projects the constant output power of 50mW with maximizing visibility. Five to ten times more visible than common red lasers, this featured stable output power green laser provides the most visible beam range of more than 1500 meters in darkness and even on bright projection screens.It uses APC (auto power control) system to get optical feedback loop to ensure stable laser output.This wonderful and unique laser pointer owns a super long serving life of more than 8000 hours! Come and order now!



Laser Color

Laser Wavelength 532nm
Laser Output power 50mW
Light Style Beam Light
Power Supply 1 x 14250 Rechargeable Battery
Beam Distance 1000-1500 m
Switch Push Button Operating
Class Class 3B
Operation Voltage 3.7V
Body Material Copper
Product Weight 56g
Body Color Black
Warranty Time 12 Months

50mW Green Laser Pointer 532nm

50mW Astronomy Green Laser Pointer

50mW 532nm Green Laser

50mW Green Laser Light

50mW Fixed Focus Green Laser Pointer

50mW Green Laser Pointer Packing List

50mW Green Laser Pointer Package



●1x HTPOW 50mW Green Laser Pointer

●1x 14250 Rechargeable Battery

●1x Charger



▲Look for warning labels, safety features and instructions which explain how to properly handle the laser.
▲Choose a laser pointer that stays on only when the button is pressed. That way you can never leave the beam on by accident.
▲Never point a laser beam at anyone, nor look directly into the beam.
▲Never aim a laser pointer at surfaces that would reflect the light back, like mirrors or mirrored surfaces.
▲Never aim a direct bright light source like a laser into the cockpit of an aircraft. It is a federal offence under the Aeronautics Act.
▲Never leave a laser pointer within the reach of children. Do not allow children to use laser pointers.
▲Never 'play around' with lasers, as they can be a fire hazard, cause flash blindedness or even permanent eye damage.

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