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50mw 589nm Yellow Laser Pointer Pen | Scientific Research Laser | Fixed Focus

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Product Description:

This high quality 50mw 589nm yellow laser pointer is our latest product, who is made by the advanced cutting edge laser technology. Based on that, yellow laser pointer is the most expensive laser pointer among laser family.This kind of laser pointer is more professional than other lasers with a different color  and mainly used at Scientific Research.Anyway, you can use this laser pointer at any fields just like other lasers. It will surely bring you a great hornor from your friends!

50mw Yellow Laser Pointer Feature:

● Pen style, portable
● Well tested and high quality yellow laser pointer
● Clearly visible in the dark.
● Fixed focus, continuous output.
● Using long lifetime chip, more than 8000hours

Yellow Laser Pointer Specification:

1. Wavelength: 589±2nm 
2. Output power: 50mW
3. Operating Mode: CW
4. Beam divergence,full angle(mrad): less than 1.5
5. Beam diameter at the aperture(mm): 1.5
6. Switch: push button
7. Working voltage: DC3V.
8. Expected Lifetime: > 8,000 hours 
9. Body Material: Brass
10. Power: 1 x CR2 li-ion batteries.
11. Dimension: 16.5(Dia)x150(L)mm

Yellow Laser Pointer Application Area:

● Teaching and Lectures
● Astronomy enthusiasts
● Museums, Gallery guides
● Building field, Mining field
● Business Person, Conference Speaker
● Bars/KTV/Clubs/Concert site

Product Photos:

yellow laser pointer

yellow laser pen

50mw 589nm laser

589nm yellow laser pointer

yellow laser

50mw laser pen

50mw laser pointer

50mw yellow laser

laser pointer 50mw

yellow laser light

50mw yellow laser pen

50mw laser

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