80mW 532nm Green Dot Laser Alignment Extremely Long Lifetime


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Product Description:

This 80mW 532nm green dot-projecting laser alignment combines import qualified glass coated lens, 532nm green laser diode, metal heat sink cooling system and APC electric driving circuit into quite compact and durable aircraft used copper-aluminum alloy housing.It is absolutely the best point alignment tool for tasks of requiring high level accuracy or super long working distance.


Green Laser Alignment Features

● Finished green laser diode allows stable and reliable operation.

● Unique red reference pointing for alignment.

● APC electric driving circuit gets constant output power supply.

● Wide applications for industrial use and high tech work fields.

● Low beam divergence laser enables precise dot alignment.


Green Dot Alignment Laser Specifications

Size: Φ20×60mm

Material: Copper-Aluminum

Wavelength: 532nm

Output Power: 80mW

Beam thickness at aperture (mm): <1.2mm

Operating voltage(v): DC=3V

Operating current(mA): I<460mA

Expected lifetime (hours): 8000

Warranty: 12 Months


80mW Laser Dot Alignment

532nm Green Laser Dot Alignment


Green Dot-Projecting Laser Alignment Notes

  • Never point your green laser pointer at any moving vehicles, air plane, human and animal eyes and skins.
  • Never leave a laser within the reach of children.
  • Never aim a laser pointer at surfaces that would reflect the light back

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