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515nm Green Laser Line Generator Alignment

515nm green line laser alignment is only getting the maximum output power of 50mW, however, it is enough for users to make line targeting at quite long distance and high lighting working occasion. Once green laser beam is pointed under sunlight, human eyes cannot capture any laser light at all. No matter what kind of output power this 515nm green laser is selected, it should avoid sunlight. In addition, the real line targeting distance is getting the recommended distance at 25 meters, otherwise, green line might become quite thick, not applicable for precise line alignment as expected.

The projecting laser light from 515nm green laser line generator is much similar with 532nm green DPSS laser device, however, when it is available with separate laser diode part, the desired green reference line targeting is even more stable and reliable long term line alignment use. In some of high tech work field, professionals or engineers would prefer to choose this 515nm green laser module for laser medical treatment, scientific research, lab experiment etc. Inside its 16mm or 26mm diameter laser tube, there is also enough space reserving as its cooling system, which has just made this 515nm green laser module workable with extremely stable line alignment within 8 to 10 hours for daily use.

The creation of 515nm green laser diode is no doubt a great technical innovation of laser diode tech. When it is made into a real 515nm green line laser alignment, the direct diode emission has just made the real line aligning work maintain even higher stability and reliability in long term use. According to its easy configuration with glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, forest green laser line is keeping quite high linear quality, and high line straightness. This high stability 515nm green laser module is also getting clear line instruction for formal industrial line aligning and high tech work fields as well.

The employment of APC driving circuit is also making great work for users to obtain highly stable green reference line from 515nm green laser line generator. This 515nm green laser module with higher power up 30mW to 50mW would always taking quite high energy consumption, thus it is just equipped with higher operating voltage of 8.4V DC input power supply to make sure of its constant green laser line targeting effectively. This line astronomy laser pointer module keeps intelligent feedback control of provided output power and electric current, assuring stable green reference line targeting easily.

Both tail parts of green line laser alignment and DC input power supply are designed with electric wires, thus the real line aligning allows free installation within 0.5 meter to 3 meters. Noncontact green laser line targeting has no worrying about laser light decay or blur. It is easily installed on any industrial device. In addition, the accessory part of laser alignment mounting bracket is also ensuring the most convenient installation of this green laser module on any device, generating a high accuracy green reference line on any vertical or horizontal surface effectively. It is also important issue for user to avoid eye exposure to powerful green laser light and wear laser safety glasses for operation of higher power green laser module.

When 515nm green laser line generator is getting the most important design part of import 515nm green laser diode, it is easily obtaining forest green laser beam and forest green reference line immediately. It is keeping direct green laser light emission from its laser diode, thus the desired green laser line alignment is not only keeping highly stable line targeting in long term use, but also getting super nice improvement of reliable line aligning in all high tech and formal industrial laser line alignment use.

Although this 515nm green line alignment is not available with super high power, however, it is getting quite special use for laser medical treatment, experiment, and other line aligning work etc. Once it is getting quite higher output power of 30mW to 50mW, it is not only using larger size laser tube diameter of 26mm, but also adopting even higher operating voltage of 8.4V DC input power. This 515nm green laser module takes higher energy consumption, thus higher power made laser line alignment just equipped with higher operating voltage and larger space so as to get ideal thermal emitting in long term use.

This green laser line generator is majority used as an accessory part, getting quite easy installation on any other machine or device. Both 515nm green laser module and DC power source supply are designed with electric wires, thus the real laser line alignment is freely adjusted within 0.5 meter to 3 meters, getting quite convenient line targeting on any required device. The maximum line length can reach 6 meters at 2 meters distance from laser beam aperture. When users are selecting this green line laser with correct optic lens degree, and output power, it just makes no mistake line alignment permanently.

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