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303 Laser Pointer Instructions and Recommend

Have you ever tried to find a green laser pointer that pointed out constellations with friends? I think a 303 green laser pointer is enough. 303 laser pointers are famous for its safety, high power and stability.

The NO.1 laser pointer is 303 500mw green powerful laser pointer, only sale $37.96! Next we will introduce this product in detail.

It comes with a key to lock the laser to avoid power loss -- when the key points at the red point ~ lock (green point~unlock).

10000mw Green Laser 303

You can serve a 303 laser pointer as a burning laser pointer as they can light matches,burn cigarettes,burst balloons easily:

Laser Flashlight Green 532nm Laser 303

303 Green Laser 532nm

Popular 303 Green Laser

303 Burning Laser

Here is the common specifications about 303 green laser pointers:
Material aviation: Aluminum
Power Supply: 1x18650 Battery
Wavelength: 532nm
Starting time: ≤3 seconds
Action power-pressure: DC3V
Operating temperature: 15 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Overall Dimensions: φ15 * 147mm

Before you start your laser, just make sure your battery is installed correctly:

Laser Flashlight Most Powerful Green Laser

303 laser pointers are usually come with 5 starry caps to emit wonderful patterns:

High Power Green laser

We can point out into the place far away from us, pressing the button, and light streches from your hand to infinity. If going out for outdoor activities such as a picnic, camping, this laser pen will help you burn matches. It only takes one 18650 battery.

5000mw HTPOW Green Laser Packge

303 Laser Pointer Notes

1. This 303 laser can only use 1pcs 18650 lithium battery,other battery doesn't fit it.
2. If there is no light,please use the tail key,it's use to unlock the light of laser.
3. If you want to use this high powered laser pointer to light the match,pls adjust the focal length.
4. If the laser doesn't work,pls change the direction of battery,the cathode toward the inside.
5. This type of laser adopt fixed voltage control, charge light may turn green in advance for the high internal resistance or high voltage battery , if you want to completely charge filled, can be placed the battery in the charger to charge for a few more hours.The US Department of Agriculture estimates that approximately 300 vultures live in the Granville and Denison campuses. And in addition to disrupting HVAC projects and different machines, it can also cause damage to the roof.

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