The Future of Laser Television

Facing the strong demand of the big screen market, the mainstream display technology LCD TV is exhausted, and the new display technology has become a must for the upgrading of the color TV industry. Laser television has come in the future. As an innovative technology, laser TV is fully equipped with the conditions of subversion of LCD TV. Laser TV not only achieves the level of LCD TV in the main performance indexes, such as brightness, contrast, definition and so on, but also is very low on the environment. No matter the room and darkness, there is no effect on the viewing effect.

Last year, the market of laser TV increased by 200%. Especially in the 80 inch market, the proportion of laser TV sales accounted for more than 60%. In May this year, the market share of 75 inches, Hisense nearly 25%, ranked first, after more than fourth total. The above data are enough to show the advantages and popularity of laser TV. If the laser TV can further detonate the market, more partners need to be promoted together. Only the exchange of products, consultation and competition can better stimulate the vitality of a new technology.

Why does laser television have been difficult to popularize? A lot of people think it's a question of price. In fact, price is only a major factor affecting the sales of laser TV, but it is not a decisive factor. The projector can not be used perfectly in the daytime, so we need to consider many problems such as curtain and hoisting. It is very troublesome. For modern people with more and more pressure on work and life, the role of display equipment, especially the super screen display device is not a necessity, so its budget can not be too high and it can not be too troublesome to install.

Although laser TV has improved many problems, such as long light source, high brightness and intelligent system, it still needs to be installed. First of all, it is not a necessity. Secondly, its alternatives are characterized by price concessions, rich functions and mature systems. How can laser TV compete? Now the price of laser TV is basically over 10000 yuan. As long as the price is maintained, laser TV can not have the ability to break through the real sales volume. However, from the industry scale, the laser TV industry does not have the ability to reduce prices quickly. If you want to cut prices a lot, you have to reduce some hardware costs, which is an injury to users' experience. So price war is not realistic for the industry of laser TV.

If the future reduction of laser TV, but the production line of the 10.5 generation of domestic panel production line, 65 inches of LCD TV prices down, the competition pressure is as big as the astronomy laser pointer TV. Laser TV is a kind of innovative product. It has a mature alternative product. It is not necessary at the same time. It is very difficult to make a breakthrough in the traditional consumer market.

The biggest advantage of laser television is the size of the large size, now the large size of the LCD panel will be unprecedented price reduction, so that laser TV products will face huge pressure of competition. According to statistics, in 2017, the sales volume of laser TV was about more than 60 thousand. In 2018, this property will not increase exponentially. It is expected that a breakthrough of 100 thousand units will be satisfactory. As the price of large size LCD TV continues to decline, it may be able to buy 80 inch LCD TV in the future $1000, and laser TV will want to further snatch the market and continue to reduce the price to have a significant boost in sales.

The application of color TV focuses on family view in family life. To get the perfect viewing experience, a good TV is indispensable. Users' permanent demand for screen can be summed up in two words: large screen and high quality. The big screen is naturally the size of the screen itself, and the high quality still means the screen resolution of "Moore's law". Over the past 10 years, the size of the global TV is growing at an annual rate of 2 inches, which means that the concept of big size is changing.

As the fourth generation technology of the black technology products, laser TV has been reaping a large number of supporters from the present, with the quality of the quality of the picture and the visual effect of shock. Compared with LCD TV, laser TV is more convenient and larger, and the price is more favorable than the super screen TV. The future will eventually replace the LCD TV to become the main body of the living room. Laser TV is a solid-state laser working material pumped by a semiconductor. The continuous laser with three wavelengths of red, green and blue is used as the light source of color laser television, and the three color laser scanning image is controlled by the television signal. Its gamut coverage rate can be as high as 90% of the human eye gamut. This is a higher level of coverage than the highest 62% color gamut of LED TV.

The improvement of the color gamut coverage can not only make the whole TV screen look more real, have a sense of hierarchy and transparent, but also improve the clarity of the picture with the increase of color saturation. Because of the use of laser as the backlight of TV, laser TV can be made thinner and suitable for family use. Laser TV also overcomes the discomfort caused by the fluorescent color produced by human eyes for a long time, and does not radiate human eyes. The high price of large screen TV has always been the main reason that hinders consumers to buy bigger sizes. Now, as laser TV is becoming more and more mature in the future technology, the cost is getting lower and the quality is getting better and better. It is believed that the existence of LCD TV will be replaced in the near future.

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