Plastic Laser Welding

In recent years, plastic laser welding as a new type of plastic connection, compared with the traditional plastic connection, has many advantages, such as high welding strength, good air tightness, strong flexibility, and with the continuous development of technology and market, it has been widely used in automobile, new energy, medical, consumer electronics, food and other industries. Therefore, the application of plastic laser welding is tremendous. The plastics demand market has good application prospects.

With the increasing demand for energy saving, emission reduction and safety of automobiles, automobile manufacturers are looking for lightweight manufacturing technology and changing the traditional parts packaging technology. Plastic laser welding, a new connecting technology, has better strength, sealing, appearance, speed and stability than ultrasonic and hot plate welding in some automotive parts manufacturing. As a high-end and cost-effective application technology, it is widely used in automotive manufacturing field at high speed.

For example, the plastic laser welding machine with quasi-synchronous welding mode is used in welding various combination valves, one-way valves and other valves, as well as the welding of automotive dashboard; the plastic laser welding machine with sequential contour welding mode carries out welding of various fuel pipelines and plastic joints, as well as bumpers of high-grade automobiles, bumpers of automobiles, greeting lamps of automobiles, eddy fan and steam. Welding of rear lamp, oil and gas separator, etc.

Some automotive electronics-related accessories have also been changed from plastic glue packaging to plastic laser welding: in the past, some automotive sensors were mostly packaged by potting, which cost high, heavy weight and poor product appearance. Applying the plastic laser welding method to the customer's site can greatly improve the product cost, weight, and appearance of the customer's products. With the popularity of plastic laser welding, most of the sensors are now using plastic laser welding packages: such as automotive 360 ​​cameras, automotive radar, automatic door locks, electronic parking controllers, head-up display, etc., using plastic laser welding, both Can achieve high product quality and economy.

Due to the continuous improvement of the medical level in modern society, the demand for medical devices has been continuously improved, and new technologies have been applied to the production of medical devices. Laser plastic welding is a non-contact welding method. It does not generate vibration, noise and dust during welding. It is an extremely clean and precise welding method, which is very suitable for precision welding of medical plastic products.

The medical microfluidic chip soldered by mask welding can achieve precise control of weld width, excellent air tightness and zero pollution to the product. The remote control with sequential contour welding has high welding airtightness and can easily cope with the frequent cleaning and disinfection of medical places to ensure that the electronic components inside are not affected. There are also seal weldings for devices such as medical hose connections, blood analyzers, hearing aids, and liquid filter tanks that require high cleanliness, all using plastic laser welding.

Plastic laser welding is applied to the welding of consumer electronics. For example, the welding of watch straps and the packaging of VR glasses by plastic laser welding can achieve the appearance of beautiful appearance and high weld strength. Some enterprises have applied plastic laser welding to battery package welding. With the development of laser technology and material technology, the technology of plastic laser welding will become more and more mature, and the application fields will become more and more extensive. Domestic research on plastic laser welding technology is relatively late, and most of them are researches in academic theory. The research in practical application fields is relatively small compared with foreign countries.

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