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With the upsurge of industrial transformation and upgrading, most manufacturers begin to care about the processing equipment laser cutting machine industry. After all, the efficiency of a laser cutting machine is several times that of traditional cutting machine. With the wide application of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine gradually replaces some of the traditional processing technology. At present, in fact, many industries are using laser cutting machines. Next, take the laser cutting machine of radium laser as an example to illustrate some application industries.

Laser Cutting Machine for Automobile Manufacturing. Many links in the automotive manufacturing industry can be solved by laser cutting machine, automotive doors, body, car floor, engine cover, rear cover, airbag and so on, and some small parts can be processed by laser cutting machine. Laser Cutting Machine for Hardware Products. Hardware products are very many, daily bathroom hardware, hotel daily hardware, hardware decorations, Hardware crafts and so on, can be processed by laser cutting machine. Laser Cutting Machine for Kitchenware. There are many kinds of kitchen utensils. Laser cutting machine can satisfy all kinds of customized production. Whether it is mass production or small batch personalized production, as long as there are drawings, it can be produced. Sheet metal laser cutting machine. Many manufacturers only do sheet metal processing, not finished products, then laser cutting machine can be said to be a very good solution, the cost of human and material resources can be greatly reduced, as long as there are orders, you can start operation immediately. Advertising laser cutting machine. Advertising industry because of more customization, the efficiency of traditional methods is very low, using laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how many zigzags, laser cutting machine will make you satisfied. Lighting laser cutting machine. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lighting, creating a different home environment. For personalized lighting material cutting, laser cutting machine is very good, all kinds of carving and hollowing can be handy.

Fitness equipment laser cutting machine. The continuous expansion of the fitness team has brought strong business opportunities to fitness equipment manufacturers. Many fitness equipment companies keep up with the market development situation, increase technological innovation, improve production processes, strive to improve product quality, and enhance product market competitiveness. The laser can complete the cutting and punching of various traditional or special-shaped pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe and D-shaped pipe, and perform arbitrarily complex curve graphic processing on the pipe surface, which is not limited by the difficulty of the figure, and after cutting The pipe section does not need to be processed twice, and can be directly welded, which greatly shortens the production period and creates unlimited value for the enterprise.

Quality and safety can not be ignored, any negligence of work can cause safety hazards, and it is necessary to comply with necessary safety operations to protect the safety of individuals and company property. In the laser processing process, other radiation and toxic and harmful gases may be generated due to different processing objects; some lasers emit infrared and ultraviolet light that are invisible to the human eye when working, and do not think that the laser is malfunctioning and use eye examination. When checking the laser, make sure that the laser is in the power-off condition. When using the laser, we strongly recommend that you wear the laser protection glasses of the corresponding wavelength to protect your eyes from the laser; even if you wear laser protective glasses, Do not look directly at the laser emitting port; when you use the laser, please remove all kinds of reflective things to avoid the damage caused by the emitted light; when the device is turned on, it must be guarded by someone, and it is strictly forbidden to leave without permission. All power must be cut off before leaving. It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from being emitted to the human body or flammable materials. The equipment should be away from electrical equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Generate electromagnetic interference.

Is laser cutting machine harmful to human body? Generally speaking, there is no harm to the body, but it is impossible to say that there is absolutely no harm. Now, there is a danger of radiation with a mobile phone, so doing any work has the possibility of harm, isn't it? Laser cutting machine is much more environmentally friendly than plasma cutting and flame cutting. The plasma cutting machine has a large amount of dust, smoke and strong light, which requires a complete set of dust removal devices. Laser cutting machine produces less dust, light is not very strong, noise is also very small, more environmentally friendly.

Of course, the operator or customer who only touches the laser cutting machine usually likes to stare at the cutting head. If you look at the sparks generated by cutting for a long time, it will hurt your eyes and have a tingling feeling. Generally some laser cutting machine manufacturers will equip the corresponding eye protection glasses. Laser cutting machine is highly intelligent, can be operated without human eyes, do not need to stare at the cutting head, but remind you of a few points: laser is not visible, laser beam is invisible to the naked eye, if maintenance open the hood, we must pay attention. Don't accidentally hit the light path. It's not fun to meet. The harmful elements (ZnSe) in the focus lens of laser cutting machine should not be contacted with lenses frequently. The discarded lenses should be treated specially and not thrown away. I don't know what material you are processing, if it is carbon steel or stainless steel, it's not a big problem. If a large number of aluminium alloys are processed, the cutting dust will be suspended in the air and harmful to human body after inhalation. There is also a strong reflection when cutting aluminium plate, cutting head to a protective device, otherwise easy to break down.

However, high power lasers can cause a large amount of heat to be generated inside the device, resulting in significant thermal drift and unacceptable long-term stability fluctuations. Therefore, the water cooling function of the scanning device is very necessary, but it is usually not enough to solve the problem. This is because it cannot avoid the thermal load of the quartz mirror and its effects, such as causing the rubber layer to deform or even become soft or the galvanometer drive failure due to heat generated by the rotor and the bearing. Therefore, new mirror technology is essential.

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