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Laser Pointer Buyer's Guide

Introduction to laser pointer

The laser pen, as a cat-loving person, is definitely familiar with it, and it is an artifact for cats, dogs and cats. The laser pointer, as a white-collar worker, teacher, tour guide, etc., considers it to be a reminder artifact that will be used to report a light spot or a light pointing object when reporting, teaching, or speaking. The laser pointer is a science-sounding toy for children, and its light is very far away, so it is very popular among children.

Laser pen injury is irreversible

According to an ophthalmologist, the cause of the damage caused by the laser pointer is the thermal effect, which can damage the eyes and skin. Due to the imaging features of the eye, when the laser passes through the eye, the laser is focused on a very small point on the retina, causing an instantaneous increase in temperature, destroying the photoreceptor cells of the retina, such as laser energy is strong enough, without causing blinking ( Usually less than 1 second), it will cause permanent damage. The most common light of a laser pointer is red, green, and blue. Different light damages the eyes. The damage from small to large is red light → green light → blue light → blue purple light. Red light swaying into the eyes does not immediately cause damage, but as time goes on, the damage increases. Blue light is most absorbed by the macula. As long as it takes a few seconds, the eyes will not work. The degree of damage to the eye by the laser pointer is related to its wavelength, emission power and exposure time. The longer the wavelength, the stronger the power, and the longer the exposure time, the heavier the damage. The laser will burn the eyes, the damage will be permanent, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, and try to treat the burnt area in the macula area before treatment, otherwise the vision recovery effect will be affected. For some high-power laser pointers, it is like a cutting machine that can ignite and cut tissue. There used to be a test of the power of a laser pen. I ignited a match in two seconds and shot through a six-story newspaper in ten seconds. The result was very scary! The eyes are the window of the human soul. The laser pointer has certain dangers. Parents should avoid buying or letting children play. In life, Youneng eyewash is recommended to keep away from or reduce the contact with toys and electronic products that are harmful to the eyes. Strong flashlights, stage laser lights, etc., direct eye exposure can also cause eye injuries. For your legal rights, please go to a regular laser pen dealer, such as htpow to buy a laser pointer.
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