Three Ways of Playing Laser Pointer, Which One do You Like?

Overview of laser pointer

The laser pointer is a toy for many people when they were young. The seemingly ordinary laser pointer actually contains a lot of energy. Today, I will bring you a few small experiments on laser pens. After reading these small experiments, Everyone must be sighed, it seems that ordinary laser pens, there are so many tricks to play, well, let us come together to get to the point.

Experiment one

laser pointer First of all, it is the experiment that the laser pen ignites and cuts off the match. First, prepare three matches, fix it on the board with glue, and then take out the laser pen prepared in advance and illuminate the head of the fire. You can see that the match is ignited in an instant, and then the laser is used to illuminate the waist of the match, and then the match is cut off from the waist. The seemingly unbearable laser pointer has such a great power.

Experiment two

The next step is to use a laser pointer to illuminate the glass rod to produce the effect of laser refraction. We can see that the laser pointer is only one thing. When passing through the glass rod, it instantly becomes the effect of the projector. Oh, it’s dazzling. After using the glass rod, let's take a look at the effect of the square glass body after laser irradiation. Use three laser pointers to illuminate the square glass body from three directions at the same time. At this time, the square glass will emit a colorful color, which is unusually beautiful. At this time, a colorful light will be emitted from the direction without the laser pen. The mirror reflects that colorful light, which will again scatter a very beautiful light.

Experiment three

Then prepare a lighter and a mini alcohol lamp, place the lighter next to the alcohol lamp, ignite the alcohol lamp, and then illuminate the lighter with a laser pointer. After the first exposure, we can see that the lighter has no reaction, but again A magnifying glass is added to the laser line, and the lighter is directly penetrated by the intense light. Then the gas leaked by the lighter is ignited by the flame of the alcohol lamp, and a dazzling flame is directly sprayed.
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