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High-power semiconductor laser pointer top talent

As a review expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a national “Thousand Talents Program” expert, and a top talent in high-power semiconductor lasers, what prompted Wang Jun to choose to abandon the return of foreign nationality and develop a “core” of high-power semiconductor lasers in China?

Back to China is due to the huge demand for high-power semiconductor lasers in China due to the development of the laser industry in recent years, but this field has long been occupied by top companies, especially the core chip technology is monopolized by foreign countries, and has strict export. control. The goal of Changguang Huaxin is to break this pattern and provide users with excellent performance and reliable laser pointer.

In July this year, Changguang Huaxin successfully completed the 150-billion-yuan B-round financing. The investors in this round of financing were: SDIC Entrepreneurship, Chinese Academy of Sciences Venture Capital, Suzhou Orange Core Venture Capital.

Changguang Huaxin is able to obtain the approval of investors based on three reasons: the first is the excellent team. The second is the core technological advantages accumulated by Changguang Huaxin over the years. At present, the company is the only company in China that realizes mass production of high-power semiconductor laser chips, breaking the foreign monopoly on high-power laser chips. Third, the company relies on the existing complete semiconductor laser chip process platform to actively expand the VCSEL chip market horizontally, and has built the first VCSEL chip production line with complete production process in China. Changguang Huaxin's current round of financing will help the rapid development of the company's VCSEL.

Changguang Huaxin has been focusing on the independent development of key technologies and key components of high-power semiconductor lasers. It is one of the few companies in the world that can develop and mass produce high-power semiconductor laser chips. What technical problems have been overcome on the road of laser chip localization? And the challenge?

In the development and production of high-power semiconductor lasers, the power and lifetime of domestic semiconductor laser chips are still far from the advanced level in foreign countries. The main reasons are the lack of epitaxial growth technology, cavity surface passivation technology and device fabrication technology. Solving these problems is our primary goal. In terms of epitaxial structure design, our company adopts asymmetric super-large cavity waveguide structure design to reduce internal loss and improve efficiency, power and brightness. In the treatment of the cavity mask, the cavity surface passivation treatment technology and the window structure are adopted, which effectively reduces the cavity surface surface recombination and the cavity surface temperature, and improves the chip cavity surface catastrophe (COMD) level. At present, the company has sold 2 million laser chips, which is one of the few companies in the world that can develop and mass produce high-power semiconductor laser chips. These technologies have laid a solid foundation for the development and mass production of VCSEL chips.

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