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Russia developed green laser pointer programmable air explosive ammunition

According to Russian media reports, Russian engineers have developed programmable air-explosive munition red rock pointe senior living las vegas technology that is not expensive. Ammunition can detonate itself during flight without touching the target or obstacles, thereby more effectively destroying enemy forces, armored vehicles, tanks, drones and small-volume targets.

Yuri Nabokov, general manager of Moscow's "Instrument" research and production joint venture, said that the results achieved by Russian R&D personnel are lower than those of similar products in the West. The ammunition can explode in a given position, and the target is attacked by fragmentation. The principle of action is similar to that of the anti-aircraft missile, that is, it does not touch the target itself, but the "shrap cloud" allows the enemy target to have nowhere to escape.

According to the report, compared with the products of TÜV Rheinland, the advantages of Russian ammunition are obvious, because the former needs to install special equipment on the armored vehicle, while the Russian product does not need it. It uses the green laser pointer to transmit data.

In the remote explosion of programmable air-exploded ordnance, the West adopted a very expensive solution, that is, the ammunition was first introduced, and then the artillery was made. The Russian ammunition was adapted to any gun, which was simpler and more economical. In addition to the laser source assembly and the antenna, the control of the air-explosion timing is accomplished by means of coded laser radiation, which is projected onto the in-flight ammunition and automatically transmits the relevant commands.

It is reported that the programmable air-explosive ammunition will be tested in 2019 and will be included in the ammunition equipment of the latest Russian tank.

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