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Green laser pointer meets the needs of home and business

Behind the brilliant results, Hisense won the market with high-quality green laser pointer products and continuous iterative upgrades of quality products. Following the world's first 100-inch ultra-short-focus laser TV in 2014, Hisense launched the world's first DLP ultra-short-focus 4K laser TV in 2016. In terms of resolution, laser TV and high-end LCD TVs are placed at the same level. .

Hisense 4K laser TV adopts cinema-grade ultra-high-definition laser projection technology, and has the same display scheme and 3D implementation scheme as IMAX theater, and is equipped with 100-inch passive bionic screen and 5.1-channel professional-grade home audio without wiring. Users can enjoy a 24-hour eco-camera experience in the living room.

In the current period, Hisense Laser TV also conducted a downsizing on the size segment, striving to meet the differentiated needs of users. The 88-inch laser TV is specially designed for the Chinese public living room environment. The 3-meter line of sight and the price of about 40,000 yuan are about 1/3 of the price of the same size LCD TV. It can completely replace the 75-inch to 88-inch flat-panel TV.

In 2017, Hisense released the world's first 88-inch ultra-short-focus 4K laser TV enjoyment version of the new product, so far Hisense 4K laser TV expansion, covering 88-inch, 100-inch, 120-inch three large screen size segments, well met Demand in the home and commercial markets.

In 2018, Hisense Laser TV continued to explore the size segment. In May, the new product L5 was released. It is an 80-inch product. It is a small guy in the laser TV family, and its suitable viewing distance is about 3 meters, which is close to the 65-inch LCD TV. From the corresponding price, L5 The price is 19999 yuan, breaking through the 20,000 yuan mark, the price is more close to the people than the 65-inch high-end LCD TV.

Hisense laser TV, taking L5 as an example, has a wider range of trials from the viewing distance; from the visual experience, the product resolution has reached 4K, and the brightness is comparable to mainstream LCD products; from the operating system, it is equipped with VIDAA AI has artificial intelligence applications in leading industries such as far-field voice, dialect recognition, multi-round dialogue, and image search; in terms of product volume, based on the previous generation, the host is reduced by 50%, compared with LCD and OLED products, lightweight More successful than ever.

Coupled with the natural advantages in eye protection, installation, etc., winning the market four years later is almost a necessity for laser TV. Lead the industry with technology. Products can be marketed to consumers in a mature and high-quality form, and the market must be followed by technological innovation. Leading the industry with technology is actually the habit of Hisense.

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