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China has a relatively complete green laser pointer industry chain

On August 27th, Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dazhu Laser") announced that the company recently received a notice from the new energy customer Ningde Times, the total amount of the winning bid was 193 million yuan, winning the bid. The project mainly includes liquid injection equipment, laser welding equipment, etc. The above equipment is mainly used for the production and processing of new energy batteries. According to the announcement, Dazu Laser has received a total of 546 million yuan in the Ningde era.

At present, China's traditional manufacturing industry is in an accelerated transformation stage. The state vigorously promotes the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The new energy automobile industry is listed as one of the top ten strategic emerging industries of “Made in China 2025”, aiming to promote China's automobile and industry. The chain-related links are developing in the direction of high-end equipment manufacturing. As the "heart" of new energy vehicles, power batteries directly affect the development quality and speed of the new energy automobile industry. In order to meet the development needs of the new energy automobile industry, the call for improving the intelligent manufacturing level of the power battery industry in recent years is getting higher and higher. According to industry insiders, due to the intelligent, standardized and continuous working process of laser processing equipment, the quality of the products can be improved, the production efficiency can be improved, the labor cost can be saved through the supporting automation equipment, and the system integration of the green laser pointer laser + supporting automation equipment Demand will become a manufacturing trend in the power battery industry.

Driven by the rapid development of new energy vehicles and power battery industry, the overall manufacturing level of China's lithium battery equipment and the gap between Japan and South Korea's advanced enterprises are shrinking. As the world's largest new energy vehicle market, China has a relatively complete industrial chain and a good industrial base. It is expected to achieve leadership in new energy vehicles and related industrial chains. For example, Ningde era and BYD in the field of power batteries have begun to surpass. Japanese and Korean battery companies are leading the world, and similar lithium-electric equipment may appear in the future. Recently, Meng Xiangfeng, the assistant to the chairman of Ningde Times, revealed that the localization rate of the power battery manufacturing line equipment in Ningde era has reached 90%, which is indirectly indicating that China is participating in the seminar on the development of power battery intelligent manufacturing production system. The overall level of lithium battery equipment has risen sharply.

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