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Laser pointer radar into the home of ordinary people?

Since the arrival of autonomous driving, the relationship between people and cars has undergone subtle changes, from controlling the steering wheel to letting go, only after half a century. On November 3, 2007, six vehicles successfully completed the autopilot test in a simulated urban environment test site, without violating California's traffic regulations. It is worth mentioning that five of the six vehicles are equipped with new laser radar sensors.

As the core component of autonomous driving, laser radar has its advantages and disadvantages. Price is the biggest stumbling block, and it has grown from now very expensive to quite expensive.

The news about lidar has never stopped. Recently, an article by Bloomberg has made waves in the autopilot. This article is titled "How a Billion-Dollar Autonomous Vehicle Startup Lost Its Way," pointing to the lidar company Quanergy is in a critical moment. Lidar once again appeared in front of the masses.

In this article, the non-network small series will conduct an in-depth analysis of the laser radar technology. In addition to the working principle of Lidar, this article will also explain the challenges it faces. At the end of the article, we will also attach a well-known manufacturer of laser radar.

Lidar, English full name Light Detection And Ranging, referred to as LiDAR, is light detection and measurement, is a system that integrates three technologies: laser, global positioning system (GPS) and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Used to obtain data and generate an accurate DEM (Digital Elevation Model).

At present, there are many types of laser radar, but according to the concept of modern laser radar, it is often divided into the following types: according to the laser band: ultraviolet laser radar, visible laser radar and infrared laser radar. According to the laser medium: gas laser radar, solid-state laser radar, semiconductor laser radar and diode laser-pumped solid-state laser radar.

According to the laser emission waveform: pulsed laser radar, continuous wave laser radar and hybrid laser radar. According to the display method: there are analog or digital display laser radar and imaging laser radar.

According to the carrier platform: ground-based fixed laser radar, vehicle laser radar, airborne laser radar, shipborne laser radar, spaceborne laser radar, missile-borne laser radar and handheld laser radar.

According to function: laser ranging radar, laser speed radar, laser angle-measuring radar and tracking radar, laser imaging radar, laser target indicator and bio-laser.

According to the purpose: laser pointer rangefinder, range laser radar, fire control laser radar, tracking and recognition laser radar, multi-function tactical laser radar, detection laser radar, navigation laser radar, meteorological laser radar, detection and atmospheric monitoring laser Radar, etc.

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