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Laser pointer lighting will greatly reduce energy consumption

In 1988, I asked the founder of the company to approve it. I asked him if he could develop a blue LED. He agreed. I went to the University of Florida from 1988 to 1989. After three years of developing blue LEDs, I found it very easy and very easy. After three years of research, I won the Nobel Prize. Because the first ten years of development of traditional LED experience from zero development, the experience of red LED, laid a foundation for me, so I used to develop a red laser pointer for three years, won the Nobel Prize, now it Used in a variety of applications.

My interest is in plant factories, where LED lighting can be used in plant factories. There is a huge market space, and many venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are also very sought after for the concept of plant factories. There are some places that do not meet very good production conditions, so the plant produced by this plant can solve this problem. Professor Zhu Yiwen introduced global warming. Global warming is indeed a challenge that all countries and governments need to solve. The use of laser pointer illumination in the world can greatly reduce energy consumption.

LEDs can be used in various fields, and I also developed UV multi-quantum laser LEDs in 1995. We say that blue LEDs are very suitable for vehicles, but today people like to download movies with computers, but the market for blue LEDs is still relatively small. Today we have the laser pointer diode of ultraviolet multiphoton, and its application prospects are huge. Its market will be huge and very interesting.

So to introduce you to the third generation of laser pointer lighting, we have entered the third era, solid-state laser lighting. Here, comparing the difference between blue LEDs and laser diodes, we see that blue LEDs need to increase their energy density. At high power density, blue LEDs are inferior, but if laser LEDs are used, their energy density will be very high. If it is lighting, use a very small chip, this is the benefit of laser LED, its size is as large as a chip, and its lighting effect is a thousand times that of blue LED, so if you use laser lighting, you can The earth reduces the cost of lighting. Especially in China, there are so many new cinemas. If you can use this laser projector, then it is very bright. If you go to the cinema to watch movies in China, you will find that the film projector used in China is a laser projection. Machine, the effect is very good.

In addition, its price is cheaper, and now has a 100-inch laser TV, compared with the existing TV, compared with the current LCD TV or OLED TV has a more cost advantage. For example, OLED TV has 10,000, but laser TV is cheaper than it, and we have a laser projector. Its body is also miniaturized. It can have a 50-inch laser TV in the future, and the price is cheaper. I think this Technology will represent the future of TV sets.

The era of solid-state laser pointer lighting has come
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