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Raytheon designed the 100 kW laser pointer for the US military

It is reported that Raytheon, a large US defense contractor, has announced that it is developing a 100-kilowatt laser pointer weapon system, initially designed to integrate the so-called "medium tactical vehicle" series. The US Army High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstration (HEL TVD) project has a design contract value of $10 million. The US Army Technology Demonstration Project HEL TVD is part of the Army's Indirect Fire Protection Enhancement 2 program.

Roy Azevedo, vice president of intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance systems at Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems business unit, said: "The beauty of this system is that it is autonomous. Multispectral aiming sensors, fiber optic combination laser pointers, power and temperature control subsystems It is available in an integrated package that can be used to shoot down rockets, artillery and mortars or small drones."

Upon completion of HEL TVD Option 2, a single supplier will receive a US Army's system development and demonstration contract to build and integrate a weapon system in the mid-range tactical vehicle range. It is expected that a contract worth nearly $130 million will be developed in early 2019 for system design, development and demonstration.

Just a few days before the 100kW laser pointer weapon system contract was announced, Raytheon optical engineer Joe Marron developed a new method to collect real-time data from large lidars (the radars used reflected light to measure speed and distance), then he In the name of Raytheon, the patent was applied, and after three years, he received the patent.

The patent not only confirms the idea that Joe Marron invented this kind of real-time data from laser radar to military facilities such as vehicles, but also made him the inventor of the 10 millionth patent in the history of American innovation. Raytheon currently has more than 13,000 valid patents and has 4,500 patents in the United States alone.

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