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Welding technology laser pointer shines in the automotive field

With China's leading laser welding technology and equipment, in the field of new energy vehicles, Zhongke successfully overcome the problems of laser pointer welding and motor rotor copper alloy laser welding of all-aluminum body parts and components, becoming the first domestic to provide all-aluminum Supplier of body side laser welding equipment and motor rotor laser welding equipment. Zhongkezhen can provide comprehensive system solutions for new energy vehicles, from innovative materials design and manufacturing processes to integrated manufacturing equipment.

In 2017, the development speed of new energy vehicles in the country is much faster than in the past, and many countries have introduced regulations prohibiting the sale of fuel vehicles. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in November 2017 were 122,000 and 119,000, an increase of 69.4% and 83.1%. From January to November 2017, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 633,000 and 605,000, an increase of 50.4% and 52.8%.

It is reported that after years of technical accumulation, Zhongke's laser welding complete sets of technology and equipment have been in the leading position in China. In the past three years, we have successfully developed and delivered new energy vehicles including remote laser welding systems, laser-MIG (MAG) hybrid welding systems, laser-TIG hybrid welding systems, narrow gap laser filler welding systems, laser brazing systems, etc. And more than 20 sets of core parts manufacturing equipment. At the same time, the laser welding head with independent intellectual property rights, the intelligent detection technology in the welding process and the quality control of closed-loop welding have also realized industrial application.

A laser welding equipment that is the first in China can easily achieve large weld penetration and small welding deformation. It has two types of L-shaped welding torch and in-line welding torch. The L-type laser torch operates in a similar manner to the TIG arc torch. It is easy to operate and the in-line laser torch enables welding in a small space. The wireless operation panel is easy to operate. The laser and laser torch are air-cooled, do not require a water cooler, do not require wiring and piping, and are easy to move.

Zhongkeyu focuses on the laser pointer technology update of the fully automated welding production line of automobiles, masters the key technologies of the welding production line, provides all-round automatic welding equipment, and provides new energy vehicle solutions integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, commissioning and service. The service plan presents you with the most efficient and stable laser welding equipment and manufacturing process development solutions.

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