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Zhongying light peak fluorescence laser pointer projection technology

"Core technology is the most important tool for the country." Recently, China Core has caused widespread thinking and discussion in various industries. The core technology of an enterprise or a country must not rely on fate, and must rely on self-reliance. In the film industry, where the core projection technology was monopolized by major foreign companies, it also experienced an independent and autonomous rise. After more than ten years of painstaking research and development, Zhongying Guangfeng, the flagship brand of laser pointer projection technology, finally owns the ALPD fluorescence laser projection technology independently developed by China and the world's leading laser projection technology, and has achieved a record of 9,000 installations in the domestic market. The monopoly of foreign companies on core projection technology has mastered the right of Chinese companies to speak in the film projection market. However, behind the birth of this country's heavy weapon, there are also unknown torments and perseverance of the founder and more staff.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility-after passing the juvenile class, Dr. Li Yi, the founder of ALPD laser projection technology graduated from Tsinghua University and the University of Rochester, is a person with a great sense of mission. With laser pointer as his research direction, he realized that this "light that changes the world" would bring revolutionary changes to human lifestyles. At that time, the global film projection market had been in the era of light bulbs for a long time, and the near-stagnant development of projection technology lags behind the progress of shooting technology. Especially with the advent of 3D movies, the problem of poor viewing experience caused by low brightness has become increasingly prominent. Seriously hindered the overall development of the film industry. The laser with many advantages such as high brightness and long life is the solution to this industry problem. The introduction of laser light sources into the film projection industry-this idea sparked in Dr. Li's mind.

However, Dr. Li Yi is not the only one who smells this business opportunity. In fact, optimistic about the prospects of laser projection technology, including many global industry giants, have already shot one after another, and the use of RGB lasers has established technical barriers to the laser projection market. Li Yi is deeply aware that in the light bulb era, China has missed the opportunity to build its own core technology. If the opportunity period for the development of laser pointer technology is missed again, then in the next technology era, China will still play the role of The role of "going", the tragedy of "lack of core and less soul" will definitely be staged again. For Chinese companies, the only way is to break the foreign technology monopoly.

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