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Improved vehicle laser pointer modeling and measuring system

This system is also in the process of demolition of illegal construction. These included 16,000 "opening holes in walls". When renovating "opening walls and making holes", the walls need to be repainted. But how much paint is needed for painting, but it is a trouble to calculate. Because the window does not need to be painted, its area cannot be taken into account, but if the area of ​​the window is set aside to calculate the area of ​​other walls, it is not accurate to rely on manual calculation.

If the painting area is small, even if the window area is included in the painting area, it will not be too much waste, but if the painting area is large, then these data will be inaccurate. With the on-board laser modeling and measurement system, such complex calculations can naturally be fully entrusted to it. At present, the improved on-board laser pointer modeling and measurement system has achieved 80% automatic calculation.

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Just to achieve this, the researchers have put in five months of hard work. The speed of the vehicle is too fast, and the shooting is unclear; the pixels are too low to see clearly ... Even the experiment was performed at night with high-power LED lights, and the investigation was finally completed. This system can automatically identify the manhole cover that is 2 cm above or below the ground. At the same time, the small print of the sub-unit on the manhole cover can be clearly photographed for the staff to view.

They found that the amount of point cloud and image data collected by this system is huge every time, and the data of each kilometer must occupy 1G to 10G of space; moreover, the positioning accuracy around high buildings, trees, and high-voltage lines is poor, resulting in poor accuracy of data results; Furthermore, the occlusion of various features and vehicles leads to incomplete target data.

Because the system needs to rely on GPS positioning, if the trees are planted on both sides of the road, it will affect the accuracy of the measurement. More importantly, because the height of the vehicle is limited, the roof information of some high-rise buildings is incomplete, and if you encounter obstacles such as trucks when collecting data on the road, it will lead to incomplete information collection. These are the problems that need to be solved next. The next step may be joint operations with drones, but the accuracy of drones cannot meet the current requirements. In addition, we will also start to measure the red laser pointer land beach and intertidal zone. At present, we are carrying out carrier selection, such as ATV and hovercraft.

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