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The laser pointer is a kind of portable laser. There are many daily uses of laser pointer, such as meetings, classroom instructions, warehouse instructions, construction site instructions, outdoor Warhammer laser pointer instructions, night signals and so on. Laser pointers also have high power, which can ignite objects within a certain distance. Of course, if you irradiate the human body, especially the eyes, it will cause harm.

Generally, the ones that can actually cause harm to people are high power and close range. It was originally an in-tool product, because some businesses sold it to children a few years ago, causing individual injuries. You can download it on Baidu, there are not many cases of actual injury on the Internet. It means that although the bear kid played with the laser pointer, not many injuries were caused.

303 300mW Green Laser Pointer

Since that year, the state has stipulated that laser pointers cannot be sold to children. For adults, as long as they are used correctly, there will be no problems. This can also be downloaded under Baidu, and there are almost no cases of adult injuries caused by laser pointers. Therefore, the laser pointer is just like other products, don't be too demonized. In fact, it was demonized by CCTV.

You see, the daily fruit knives, kitchen knives, toothpicks, etc., if used improperly, may cause children's injuries, and there are many cases. For adults, there are more dangerous items, and cars are also tools. There are many accidents every day when driving without paying attention. When using the green laser pointer, use it correctly and safely. There will be no danger.

Moreover, the power of the laser pointer is a piece of cake in laser products. There are also large laser products such as laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, etc. If these high-power lasers are not used in accordance with the rules, the dangers will be even greater.

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