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Choose a laser pointer with guaranteed quality

Compared with other products, the funny cat laser pointer mainly considers two points:
①Safety, we must choose a laser pointer with guaranteed quality to prevent our cat from being hurt by laser, otherwise it will be too late to regret!
② Cost-effectiveness. For funny cats, there is no need to have too strong laser brightness, because cats have more rod cells (popular science: both humans and cats have cones and rod cells, and cone cells participate in color vision. And has the ability to focus and distinguish details; while rod cells are mainly responsible for the detection of vision and motion in low-light environments), even in dim light, fast-moving prey will arouse great interest in cats, this is also a laser pointer The main reason why it can become an artifact of funny cats.

Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

Business meeting-PPT page turning pen. The PPT page turning pen not only has the lgreen laser pointer function of the traditional laser pointer, but also can directly and remotely control the computer or multimedia projection equipment in a wireless way to realize the free page turning and free presentation of electronic documents, allowing users to fully report, teach, and demonstrate Give full play to the advantages of body language and completely solve the inconvenience of using traditional mice in classrooms and meetings in the past. With the diversification and intelligence of uses, PPT page turning pens have been widely used in schools, enterprises and institutions, training institutions, hotels, exhibition venues, bidding centers, business exchanges and other occasions.

The application of laser pointers can improve our office efficiency and make our lives more convenient. However, the damage caused by unreasonable use also makes laser pointers controversial. The laser pointer sincerely appeals to everyone to use it legally and compliantly, so that people can accept it more and more! Otherwise, anyone who uses the laser pointer to do some illegal or criminal acts will be punished as follows!

Laser pointer facilitates classroom interaction with students
So How Can Laser Benefit Your Business?