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Types Of Laser Engraving

Laser pointer can be used on many materials, such as paper, wood, textiles, leather, plastic, glass, anodized aluminum, coated stainless steel, slate, acrylic and many other things (depending on the power of the laser). However, wood is the most commonly used engraving material, and many customers are comfortable using our laser engraving machine at home.

Laser Pointer Blue Portable Efficient
In the past few years, laser engraving has become very popular not only in industrial applications, but not only in personal applications but also in small businesses. Yes, laser engraving is very safe and can be used at home. However, as with any type of machinery, the use of laser engraver machine must also be considered dangerous, as long as you remember the basic rules, it is very safe. There are two different types of laser engraving machines: fiber laser engraving machine and Co2 laser engraving machine. Fiber laser is good at metal, and Co2 laser is good at wood. Some laser machines are equipped with two laser sources, but the performance is still not as good as the machine with a single laser source.
The laser cutting machine can be used with the Windows-based software LaserGRBL, which can be downloaded for free. With LaserGRBL, you can lay out the design and control the power of the laser, switching between engraving and cutting modes. LaserGRBL can convert designs in files created in popular imaging and CAD applications (such as Photoshop and Inkscape) and convert them into cutting paths that can be used for lasers.

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The power of the blue laser pointer is in watts. The power range of each machine is different. The entry-level CO2 machine has a starting power of 25W and a maximum of 150W.
Generally, higher power will cut deeper in one pass and can engrave faster on certain materials. However, low-power machines can still process the same materials of the same quality.
The power you need depends on your application. A sign shop that wants to cut through 1-inch acrylic resin production halls or ADA signs may choose a 150W machine, while industrial parts marking may only require 40 to 60W.

Laser Engraving Is Used In Design
Laser Engraving Machine Operating In Various Environments